Hanging light dead

marysbobJanuary 26, 2010

Have a hanging light in the kitchen which has 8 25W bulbs. It is controlled from two switches at either end of the kitchen. A bulb blew out today which sometimes happens. The problem is that the entire fixture will not turn on from either switch. (one switch is a dimmer and the other is a normal mercury switch.). If one of the switches is blown will this cause the other not to operate?

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Yes, with 3 way switches, both need to function to complete the circuit. If your dimmer is as old as the mercury switch, this sounds like a great chance to replace both of them.

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Thanks loads for the info. Replaced dimmer switch. Hanging kitchen light now working! (from both switches).

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Dimmers are especially sensitive to the current surges that can accompany a 'blowing' light bulb.

The most common dimmer size is 600 watts, or 5 amps at 120 volts.

Exceeding this number for even a fraction of a 60 Hz cycle can destroy the semiconductor (a Triac) in the dimmer.

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