BM moved again!!!

mom2emallJuly 1, 2009

So a few weeks ago my stepkids were upset because grandparents mentioned bm's bf's kids staying with bm and bf for the summer. BM has not seen kids in 6 months so the kids were really hurt by it.

Well the plot has now thickened. BM's cousin and his wife and kids were visiting family of his wifes that live about an hour from us. They had called us a while back to see if they could see the kids while they were out here. So this weekend we all went to the lake together and to dinner one day. (DH and cousin were close during his marriage to ex and never had any problems as a result of the divorce) The cousin filled my dh in on some things he heard from his parents(bm's aunt and uncle).

Seems that bm has not even been living in our state for months now. She moved and told nobody. Kept pretending to her own parents that she was still here and seeing the kids. Truth is that months ago she moved from here to her bf's home state again. So when her parents talked to her on her cell and heard bf's kids there she lied and said they were visiting her here for the summer. In reality she now lives near them and they were over for a weekend visit. Cousin did not know how this all came to light, but did say that bm's parents were so upset and embarassed over it. Said his parents and most of the family think that bm is trash and the whole family does not understand why bm's mom is always trying to stick up for her.

I just can not believe this!! BM made such a big deal to the kids of moving back here. Barely saw them and then moved without so much as a goodbye?? She had to know she was moving....why did she not at least visit with them one last time?? I am not sure what is wrong with bm anymore.

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Wow is all I can say.

I don't understand how a mother could do that. :(

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It's definitely a mental disorder of some kind, she just hasn't been diagnosed (yet). Poor skids. At least they have you as a mother figure in their life, that will get them through. But awful all the same :-(

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When you do something you know is cowardly or deceitful, it's only human nature to want to hide it.
I'm certainly not excusing BM's behavior, but that she would lie about it and hide it only makes sense...

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That is so awful! I don't understand how a mother can treat her kids that way! The damage she has done to them has got to be deep!

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she hides because she knows how wrong she is and how much damage she causes her children. evil woman.

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That is what I was thinking. She knows she is horrible and that is why she tries to cover it up.

We have not told my skids that we found out bm left state yet. I know that they are hurt that she does not call or visit them, but I think that when they find out she is no longer even in state that they will be more upset. We are not even sure how to tell them this.

Yesterday I tried to call her cell # (private of course) to see if she even has it still. Disconnected! So if the kids wanted to call her they can't!!

This lady just never stops amazing me with her selfishness!

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Does she have your numbers? I would change them and let HER try to figure out how to contact her kids.

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IMA I would LOVE to do that! But to change 4 cell #'s and a home phone would be a major pain! Not to mention that bm's family do stay in touch with the kids so we would end up giving them our new #'s. BM could easily get our #'s from them.

Funny thing is that a few years ago me and dh were buying a new home bm had moved out of state and was not calling. At that time only me and dh had cells and I seriously thought about changing our cell #'s then and making our new home # unlisted!

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