Rounding a cut glass edge

onewomanarmyJuly 26, 2013

This may not be the right place, and I may still find that this info has been covered already (my apologies if so!) but can someone tell me the best way to get a nice rounded edge on a piece of cut glass? I'm thinking along the lines of a torch - but not sure what to look for. I realize you can sand down the edges, but I've not been happy with the finished product by doing that.


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The only way to achieve that round edge that I know of is a "soft fire" in a kiln.

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That's what I was afraid of. I don't have a kiln though so was hoping I could accomplish the same thing - or approximately so - with a torch.

So, it's either sanding/grinding and polishing or a kiln to get a nice rounded edge then? I have a flat lap that makes it easy to get a nice finish on a flat edge (like when cutting a bottle) but it still leaves a fairly sharp/uncomfortable edge between that flat surface and the sides of the bottle. I've found a I have a difficult time angling the glass to get a nice even rounded edge on the outside edge - and because of the curve, can't get into the inside edge to round it at all. So was really hoping a torch would be the answer.

Back to the drawing board I guess!

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A glass worker's torch might be able to do that -- I don't know but it might be worth finding out.

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I would think that a belt sander used for such a thing or a glass grinder with a beveling kit on it would do the job.

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I'm not sure if you need to have a shiny/polished edge, or just a smooth one. If you don't need a polished edge, I would use a stained glass grinder. I have gotten many years of use out of my Inland "Wiz" series grinder.

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I use my stained glass grinder to round the edges of glass, especially when I am doing mosaics. Grinding leaves a dulled glass appearance. Easy to fix... just apply a thin layer of clear fingernail polish to these dulled edges. The rounded edge becomes shiny, blending nicely with the flat surface of the glass piece.

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