What size fits a 3 inch can?

joeboldtJanuary 7, 2012

I installed several halo H38LVICAT cans. These are listed as 3 inch cans. So, I went out and bought some 3 inch trim kits. They were too small and didn't fit. I ordered different 3 inch trim kits from another manufacturer. They also were too small. I called the maker of the trim kits who basically said there wasn't really a standard. I measured my cans and sure enough they are about three and a half inches in diameter.

Am I stuck buying Halo trim? I had wanted chrome trim but they don't make those.



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Welcome to the world of 'nominal' dimensions.

For cans, you often need to use the same manufacturer's trim for things to align correctly.

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For the most part, recessed lighting trims are proprietary, meaning you have to install trims from the same manufacturer and series. So a Lightolier "6 inch" can's trims will NOT fit a Halo 6" can (actually 6-3/4").

Some home center brands will fit name brand cans though. Like HD sells Commercial Electric trims that fit Halo cans.

Your H38 series are quite unique though, and I'm pretty sure only Halo trims will fit.

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Sigh. Thanks for the info. They're installed so I guess Halo trim is what it will be.

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