Windows quote from Sunrise and Okna

newbie007April 5, 2013

Hello - First of all, I would like to thank the experts on this forum for helping me narrowing down my search after a couple of days of lurking in the forum..

I wanted to replace the 60 year old original windows of my Chicago home. 11 double hung and 1 picture window. Total 12. All 11 double hung windows are less than 101 united inches and the only picture window is 124 united inches.

Actually no options - basic white interior and white exterior with default hardware. However, I chose to get grids for 5 street facing windows.

I received written quotes from Sunrise (sunrise and essentials by sunrise) and Okna for their Insultec 5000 series Deluxe package. The estimates are for complete installation, removal of old, clean up of debris, replacing any rotting wood frame, foam injection, insulation, and so on..they both are very professional and sent directly by the manufacturers as I requested quote from their respective websites.

Estimate 1:
Sunrise windows - $5980
Essentials by Sunrise: $5000

Estimate 2:
Okna Insultec 5000 series, Deluxe package: $6000. They originally gave me an estimate of $6679 and when I ran my Sunrise quote by him, he came up with $6000 cash offer.

At this point, I am leaning towards Okna because of their slight edge on technical ratings. The dealer also seems to be more thorough and did quite a lot of Okna installations.

Now the question to the experts - is $500 per Okna 5000 series a good deal and if there is anything I need to know or ask the dealer? Thanks all!!

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That is a very fair price. Is the dealer Strong by chance? If not, I'd highly recommend talking to Dave over there. I know his pricing would be right in that range, and his expertise and installation are second to none. I'm up the highway in Milwaukee, but I've referred many clients and their friends/family in IL to Dave with great results. He is the only HiMark dealer down there, which is Okna's elite level dealer network.
... On product alone, I agree with your line of thinking. The Okna 500dx is going to be a step up in performance from the base Sunrise. I would personally eliminate the Essentials.

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No the dealer is not Strong. I will reach out to them as well soon. thanks for the suggestion...

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