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publickmanApril 20, 2012

I need to replace the exterior door from the kitchen, and I want to keep a window in it that will open and close. The one I have now is pretty good, except that it is falling apart on the outside; i.e., wood is flaking off. I only found one door at Home Depot that fits my requirements, but they want over $800 just for installation. I wouldn't mind paying more for the door, but I would rather pay less for the installation. I installed a new exterior door to my garage, and so I know that it is not that difficult or take that much time, but that was a simply wood door that I could cut to size and paint.

I would consider installing the door myself if I could find one, but I have not had much luck finding a door with a window that opens and closes. DB wants someone else to install it, and I do not like the HD door enough.

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Go to a lumber yard, stay away from HD and Lowes. Therma Tru makes exactly what your looking for.

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I had checked out Therma Tru and did not see any doors with windows that open. Like most web sites, they divide the doors into entry doors and patio doors, neither of which describes what I want. I am talking about a side door - not a major entry door.

I checked HD website, and the doors I want are called "Storm Doors" for some reason, but storms are very rare where I live. I would prefer wood over aluminum, but maybe that is not a good idea. When it does rain here, the side door swells and gets stuck, which may have contributed to its demise. The side door I have now is wood with a double hung window, which I like.

I would like to stay away from HD and Lowes, but I have not seen what I am looking for elsewhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storm Door from HP

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Have you considered a Dutch door?

I love them!


Here is a link that might be useful: Dutch Doors

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Echoing millworkman. Do yourself a favor and stay out of L & HD.
Several door mfg's over the years have made a half-lite door with the insert being like a small [22X36] window. Therma-Tru would be my first try, just ask the guy at the local LUMBER YARD.

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See below

Here is a link that might be useful: Therme Tru Door with venting window

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Thanks for that link! I was able to configure the door I want with screened vented lites, which I hope are double hung, like the ones I have now. They also gave locations where I can buy it besides Lowe's, although the closest is Lowe's. There are two suppliers at Pico & Sepulveda in WLA that I can go to, and so I will check them out shortly, provided they have Saturday hours. The installation video I watched said that stucco houses are the most difficult for door installation, and so I hope I can get someone to do it for a reasonable price.

I like Dutch Doors, but they would not give me the kind of window I want, and I do not want to add a screen door on the outside because it would have to be hung on the opposite side of the door in order to make egress efficient. I had that same problem in Venice.

The installation video shows the door with attached framing, and I was hoping that would not be necessary. I guess that goes with the fiberglass material, and I would have preferred wood, but may fiberglass is a better choice, since it would not warp.

BTW, the main reason I shop at HD is that it is less than a mile from my house and is therefore extremely convenient. When I lived in Venice, I always went to B&B Hardware in Culver City, but that is now 7 miles from my house. There is a lumber yard less than two miles from me, but it is not open on Saturday, or else I would go there more often.

Thanks for your help!


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Button Watkins

I am also looking for a kitchen door a window with a disappearing window screen. The closest I can find is a dutch door by chiproducts.com. I'm starting to realize that perhaps exterior doors can't have hollow areas where the glass can drop into like a Larson Screen Away Storm door.

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