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mamacottiApril 7, 2010

Hi everyone!

We've just bought a home that was built 12 years ago. It has a lot of Pella windows and doors with the shades between the glass. Most of the shades have broken strings, and I just got off the phone with a very rude woman from OEM, so I really don't want to use them. The local Pella store was, of course, no help what-so-ever. And of course these windows/shades/screens have been discontinued...

The window screens have a little plastic piece in the top left corner that the shade string goes through, then another plastic piece to wrap the string to hold the shade up. My problem is you cannot open a window with it's shade up without loosening the string. The previous owners obviously tried this, as most of the plastic pieces are broken. Which leads to the string cutting the screen. Are you following me at all?

I'd like to be able to replace the shades with something cordless, but Pella says I can't. And I'd like to have the torn screens redone with the newer, more invisible screening. However, with the cords I need new plastic cord guides which Pella CAN get, but said the new screening wouldn't work with them.

I'd be willing to pay for new screen frames if I could find someone to build them so I could go cordless...does anyone do that sort of thing?

I realize at this point I'm going to have to get creative and go outside of the Pella umbrella. I'd really prefer not to use OEM either...

So what would you guys do? Any ideas?

Your thought, ideas, expertise, and any questions will be much appreciated!


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Oh boy you are in for a fight. Last year we did just what you wanted...replaced several of our Pella corded shades with cordless shades. IT IS POSSIBLE but your local Pella service store is probably clueless. I even called corporate and they were worthless too.

I ended up after months of haggling getting them to finally admit that at the cost of a handsome sum, you can swap out your inside glass for another inside system that includes corded blinds or shades. If you want the screens, however, they will have to drill a small slit in the bottom and top because the new shades do not attach to the sides.

IT IS POSSIBLE. Pella customer service is SO BAD now that because it took them months and months to get it right, they ended up discounting the four windows that we replaced. You do not need to go through OEM shades because they are the old corded system.

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