Marvin Sliding Glass Door - Pine vs. Fir Interior

alwaysfixinApril 12, 2010

I am buying the Marvin Sliding French Door to replace an old sliding door. I am trying to decide whether to choose the Douglas Fir upgrade or stay with the standard Pine interior. The cost difference is about $400. Is the Doug Fir worth it? Or is the Pine just fine? Is the difference between them just in appearance? Is the durability of Douglas Fir that much better than Pine? Any advice or recs would be appreciated. TIA.

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The real question is whether you are going to paint or stain. Fir stains up much nicer than pine. If you are painting, I would go for the pine. Also, Marvin has two fir interiors. The vertical grain is substantially more than the mixed grain. However if you buy the mixed grain, the panels are vertical so that is a plus! Good luck!

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Eastbay10 - thanks for your response. I was going back and forth on the paint or stain question, but now I think I am going to paint. The room that the sliding glass door is in already has wood floor, cherry bookcase and walnut desk, so don't want to add yet another wood. I'll likely paint the same color as the wood trim around the door. So thanks for the advice that pine would be a better choice for painting.

I read an old thread (can't find it now) where a poster said douglas fir for a sliding glass door is a much better choice for strength, stability, and durability. That poster seemed to feel that fir should always be chosen over pine if fir is available. So I am a bit torn now.

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Awwww, Tedi0555, I was all set to choose the Pine. I am going to be painting the wood, and my installer (who's been installing Marvin for 20 years) said essentially the same as what Eastbay10 wrote above. Furthermore, the salesman for the Marvin sliding french door also told me pine would be the better choice if I am painting, and I know he stands to make less commission if I don't get the upgrade to fir!

My installer and the salesman agreed that fir, as you said, is more durable and stable. However, they both said it would likely take 12-15 years for those differences from pine to become apparent. I figured that I don't know where I'll be 12-15 years from now; maybe in this house, maybe not. So I think I'll go with the pine.

Anyone else want to convince me one way or the other? I am pulling the trigger on this order on Monday.

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