Glass on Sidewalk?

christi508July 8, 2012

Can I use stained glass leftovers to mosaic on a sidewalk? What would I use to stick it? Silicone? I live in Florida if it matters. Thanks!

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Yes you can. My second outside project was a couple designs on my front walk. I used some stained glass but mostly ceramic dish shards. Even though some of the shards are very chalky ones, not a piece has lifted after about eight years. However, on the second project - near the door - a crack in the concrete brought a few tiles up, and I've been too lazy to repair it. I used Mapei brand Ultra Flex II cement-based mortar for adhesive and Mapei Keracolor grout - found at Lowes. Pictures follow.

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Yes! Exactly what I needed to know and I love your designs. Very inspirational, I will be starting tomorrow! Thanks.

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I've always wanted to mosaic a sidewalk , but I live in Wisconsin & we have to shovel snow. :(

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