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rosessecretgardenJuly 3, 2010

let me tell you about me! i have poor art background but i always love to learn something unique and creative. But that is a hard fact that i need easy tutorials to learn.

This time i am interested in Mosaics.

So Can any one guide me to some easy tutorials to make mosaics.

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Hello ROSES: Welcome to the forum. Been gone traveling all day and am much too tired to search the net for you. All you need do is Google "how to mosaic" and you'll get lots of info. Before I started mosaicing I lived in the internet, learning as much as possible, along w/one little book. From there, you learn, as well as reading this forum. Perhaps your library has books on mosaics. There are lots of videos on the internet - just search by Googling.

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youtube will have some good, funky, fun segments..

how to mosaic
tutorial on mosaic
mosaic art

anything close to that, type in, in the search box

there's a girl who mosaiced her entire kitchen, which was featured on HGTV...the camera guy was all over the place, if you can stand that part of it.

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okay thanks guys! i am already using youtube and hopefully i will end up with some thing good :D thanks

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I read everything on this site, checked out books in the library, internet & took a course from my stained glass instructor. Good luck! Please post pix when you can.

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