Pella window problems

osuladybugApril 12, 2008

We have had an on-going issue with our pella designer series windows for almost 2 years now. If any of you out there have pella windows do you have this problem...when the windows have condensation on them do you see the suction cup marks from the equipment used to pick up the glass during manufacturing? We've been told if they don't wash off they are a defect and pella has acknowleded this...I am just curious if all their windows have this problem.

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Pella's glass somehow does this. Just make sure you get it fixed asap after 2 years there is no labor warranty on your pella's.

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We built our house 2 years ago and have had problems with Pella windows from the very 1st month. They sweat between the glass, freeze, then melt and run down the window between the glass. We have contacted Pella many times and we are still trying to get Pella to stand behind their product. This is our 5th house with Pella windows since 1983 and have never had this problem till now. Everybody we contact just passes us on to someone else, getting us nowhere.

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We have Pella windows designer series and do not have the marks on our windows. What we do have are air leaks between the casement and frame as will as between the inner pain and outer double pain when the Sun hits the windows.

We have found that pella will sell the windows and will claim that any problems are due to installation, finish, etc!!!!!!!!!!!! Installation for us was done under Pella supervision because of the large # of windows and new construction.

Do not recommend Pella, but there just has many sad stories when it comes to other windows. Pella is not worth the money.

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We built our home 10 years ago, our pella windows are rotting through out our home. At this time Pella wants to charge me over $7500 to replace when it fact Pella has had problems for a long time with their quality. Type in Issues with Pella windows under google the complaints are endless, there is also a case action suit against them.

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We also made the Fatal decision to purchase Pella windows. We would like to give you an update. We are spending the 3rd summer homeless because of our fateful decision to purchase Pella Windows. Pella has sent to our home teams of men. The last team of 4 Pella employees was in our home in January 2011. At that time, that team told us that Pella would be glad to manufacture a 3rd set of 49 windows and have them installed by the end of February 2011. We agreed to this process. It is July 7, 2011 and we have not seen anything from Pella since January 2011.

We installed the first set of 49 Pella Architect Series double hung douglas fir windows in October 2009, the second set in February 2010 and are awaiting the third set. As you can see from our first post, we paid in full for our window order in 2009 and have been sorry for that decision ever since!

We posted a Youtube video at about our home and created a website at We hear from families on a nearly daily basis that are in our similar boat. Pella has proven, unfortunately, to hundreds of families that we know of, to be a company that does not stand behind their product. As a Christian family, we are extremely disappointed with Pella because they are located in a well known Christian Community. We have had to, after 3 summers, contact an attorney. We do not believe in law suits, but we are homeless, for no other reason than the fact that our brand new Pella Architect Series double hung douglas fir windows leak water/air/snow.

Please make your window purchase from any other company than Pella. They are involved in a class action law suit involving their Pro Line Windows. It is obvious that they just cannot stand behind their product, as they have been cheating families for years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pella Window Problems

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Our windows have been leaking air. We asked them to caulk around the outside frames which they didn't do at installation time but did caulk around the bottom which you should never do. They said if we took off all the shutters they could possibly caulk but when they looked said our frames didn't need caulked. My husband used 5 tubes of caulking when we removed the shutters. Also said wwith the windows the noise level would be less than with old wooden windows and storm windows. What a joke!!!!

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@osuladybug @Sherry&BobCooke @DanShipman @Jeanie - so sorry to hear you are having problems with your Pella Windows. :(

I represent Pella Windows & Doors online, in social media such as this forum; and with all of your posts in mind, I want to invite you to send an email to and/or call 1-800-374-4758. Please use "THS GARDENWEB" in the subject line as I will be letting my team know this forum has many requests that need attention pronto.

Thanks. Sincerely, Erin M. Pella Community Management

Here is a link that might be useful: Pella Windows & Doors Facebook Page

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