questions to ask a Jeld Wen sales guy

logastellusApril 5, 2013

Hi. Our builder (who's a super nice guy and very easy to work with, btw) suggested Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl for our new $600k custom home in SC. 35 windows, most are casement.

We're ok with vinyl.

I replied saying Jeld Wen doesn't enjoy the greatest reputation, referencing this and other fora.

Now, Jeld Wen has offered to send a rep for a face-to-face meeting to explain away the bad Consumer Reports rating and other things.

My first thought is to decline (i'm not a professional) but if you WERE to meet with JW rep, what questions would you ask?

Is it that their technical specs are inferior to Soft-lite and others or just a quality of construction or what?

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Quality (fit and finish) and quality control is lacking, design flaws, the companies they purchased went out of business because they made crap. Well Jeldwen purchased them and really did not change a dam thing other than the label in my opinion. Look at their performance numbers, they just do not stack up to the quality brands available. Personally I would not sit down with the rep, he works for them he is obviously drinking their koolaid and if your not careful and he is a good used car salesmen you may end up with these in your house!

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Thank you. My issue is - in this price range, are there better products?

Or do I simply need to up my budget?

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Regarding budget, that is hard to say, I don't see where you posted specifics.

On vinyl product, performance and quality is not an either-or proposition. High quality vinyl will have great performance, low quality will not. Mid range will be mid-range.

-Better vinyl composition
-thicker outer walls and superior design
-more, better weatherstripping
-thermally superior spacer options (composite, or stainless steel at minimum)
-fully welded sloped sill
... and so on and so forth are just some of the things that separate quality.

All of those little parts ultimately add up to better performance ratings and a longer life of the window.

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