Okna Triple Pane Upgrade

bemickerApril 13, 2011

I am new this forum but have read many of the postings, thank you to all for the great information. I have decided on using Okna replacement windows for all 20 DH windows in my house which in eastern PA and my question is this.

The upgrade from double pane, low e with argon (.25 U-value) to triple pane, low e on surfaces #2 & #5 with ARGON (.19 U-value)cost an additional $1280 which equates to an additional 12% on the total cost (including installation).

Would this be well spent money or are the triple pane overkill for this area. I want to be efficient, but don't want to be wasteful and never recoup the upgrade cost in energy savings.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated !

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The price you are getting on that project is much more comparable to what would normally be charged for good double pane units.

That is very good pricing and you will be well served by that window.

I might like to see the Double Pane on the South side of the home to take advantage of some of the passive solar winter heating rays.

Tripe pane is a nice option and as long as the rest of the home is tight and insulate, it is a worthwhile investment at that price point.

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WOW.. Thanks for help. Are you saying that the price I got($10,700) is higher than normal for the 20 double panes ?
But 12% ($1280) for the triple pane upgrade is a good price ?
Sorry but I'm confused if you're saying the project is priced well or too high.
Thanks again !

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That's good pricing on the DP and great pricing on the TP. For $60 more per window for TP, I'd go for it.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to Sky's comments.

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Nice to see that triple pane have come down in price so much. This is likely a cost effective upgrade but you might try to do the math.

That math depends greatly on your fuel for heating. If you are using geothermal with low electric rates, your payback maybe a while (beyond life of windows?)

I live in NC and our windows are estimated to be about 20% of our heat loss (dp-low-E). Further north, the same windows are a higher percentage as everything else gets upgraded. So I'd venture that your windows (dp) would be 30% of your heat loss. So if you are going to spend $1000 a year to heat the house, $300 is windows. The upgrade would save you roughly $70 a year - or 15 year payback. This all assumes fairly new construction so that the walls and attic are up to current code. If they aren't, then the windows might be a much lower percentage of heat loss.

Now if you are using oil and you might be expecting $3000 heating bills - the payback is 5 years.

Solar hot water would probably fair a little better (but again depends on your fuel). There are lots of opportunity costs and 15 years isn't exactly quick. If the house has any age to it, extra attic insulation would payback faster. I am getting ready to go from r-40 to r-60 in the attic but that is borderline overkill in my climate (15+yr payback).

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I have an estimate on 19 Okna double hung windows with the deluxe glass package (U-value of 0.25) quoted at $582 per window with an upcharge of $100 per window if I wanted to go to triple pane. I live in MA.

I'm thinking I might upgrade the windows for our 4 bedrooms (8 windows in all) which are heated with electric baseboards, but I'm hesitant to do the same for our family room and living room as I want the most natural light to be able to come through (I know the VT factors are a 0.55 vs. 0.43, but not sure what that actually means to the naked eye).

I'd love some feedback on whether that's a typical upcharge and whether or not the triple panes are really worth the extra money.

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Thats a great price for that window and those specs. You are NOT paying too much if thats what you are worried about. Great pricing .
Good luck

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Just to be clear (I read it again and could interpret what I said two ways), double pane is $582 and triple pane is $682.

Either way, I'm ok with the price in general. I know I've seen a lot of the pros comment on how triple panes are a good idea. Do you see triple panes becoming the norm in the coming years and, assuming a good install, do you think the extra 17% in cost is something I'll get a return on?

I'm also worried about the triple panes not allowing enough light into my family room and living room as those two rooms are currently naturally pretty bright and we'd like to keep it that way.

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Triple pane at $85 to $100 per window is a good price.
I am in eastern PA and am seeing more value in selecting triple pane if you are long term in the home and have the money. Triple pane is not like attic insulation, you only get to do it once and then that is what you have.
I do not see the cost to purchase fuel going down, only up. So better save if we can and be comfortable.

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I agree, those are good prices on that product.
The trend is for r5 (u-.20) to become the new standard for windows in a few years from what I see, and unless some major strides are made in technology, that will require triple pane or something similar like heat mirror films. If it is in the budget, I'd go triple pane in your area.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That is a good price on that on that product as well.

I think that triple pane is an absolute must for MA.

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In a perfect world I would do all triple pane. But, I think I decided on just doing our upstairs (4 bed and 2 baths, 10 windows in total) so we can keep as much light as possible coming into our common living areas.

Thanks again all.

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