Alside windows - broken seals

olchikApril 9, 2008

We purchased our house in 2005. The previous owners changed most of the windows in the house to Alside. They are all casement windows. That's as much as I know about these windows, since the previous owners left us no paperwork on them and there aren't any markings on the windows. We had to hunt down the previous owners to figure out what brand they were. But I digress.

Out of the 8 windows (of various sizes) 4 have broken seals in at least 1 pane. One window has 2 out of 3 panes cloudy.

I have contacted the company and they're sending me paperwork for the warranty exchange (as far as I understand).

I am wondering if anyone else has had these problems. When I noticed one window with this damage, I chucked it up to chance. But 4 out of 8? That's not a coincidence! That seems to point more to the quality of the window.

I guess I am worried that if I replace these damaged windows with more Alside windows, the same thing will happen in the future. What do you think?

Or is it that I just got a bad batch?


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Perhaps a bad run, perhaps a bad install where the window and/or the openings weren't square and plumb. I'd be interested in the particular model as Alside makes a wide range of quality.

Hopefully, you didn't purchase the house from someone who figured they'd go cheap and leave the problems to the next buyer because they were only going to live there for a few years.

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I am thinking about purchasing Alside windows and would like to know how well they resolve your issue.

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Reply to olchik, we had Alside window's and a french door put in our house and 2 of the windows and one whole side of the french door is cloudy and has spots on the inside. We had a company come in and do siding windows and doors,that company is now out of business and we have no paperwork,even tho we were told they had a lifetime warranty, hope we have good luck when we call to have them replaced!

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