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crackpotannieJuly 7, 2009

Hi girl,long time since I've been here but ready to start mosaicing again...will you send me your photobucket page on your birdhouses?I've got 15 great terra cotta bird houses and need some ideas with rocks and twigs,if I can any twigs like you use around here. Thanks I've always loved your work...Annie

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Hi Annie, I think Daisyme's camping in Canada right now. She was going to be doing a three week adventure through the Rockies and B.C. I think she'll be back in a couple of weeks,

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Glad to see you back, CRACKPOT, and it's good to know you're back in the mosaicing playground. FIFTEEN??????? WOW - that'll keep you busy for awhile. Anxious to see pictures. Didja ever finish your Riana project?

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Oh Yes Crackpot!!! GREAT to see you again! I too, am gearing up to do a few things!!! And birdhouses are on the list so I wanna see yours And Daisyme's!!!

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Thanks I'll wait to hear from her when she get's back.No slow i never did it,I'm ashamed of myself maybe when I get some of the birdhouses started I'll get the nerve to start that project. It's so darn hot her you can't do anything outside right now..

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Annie, how fun of you to say you enjoy my houses! I just got home tonight and saw your message. I'll love seeing how yours turn out using twigs and stones. It's fun to be an inspiration to someone. Be SURE to post your photos, and welcome back!! Here's the link to my houses. Have FUN!

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