Slow's yard

oldcraftyJuly 7, 2011

Slow....I visited the cottage garden forum today for the first time and was blown away to see such lovely picks of your yard posted!I've seen many pretty pics of your work.....but some of these were from a different angle I guess. I admired the designs in your sidewalk on the 6th pic. How on earth did you do that? Is it done on top of a sidewalk or done while the walk was freshly poured. It is super. Would love to see a close up of them

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Well thank you, CRAFTY: CALAM did a superb job on the photography - wish I could do that. She must've taken 100 pictures. Re the front walk designs, that was when I first started mosaicing - VERY early, and the one under the arbor I did along w/the front pedestal - the red one shown in CALAM's pics. This is the one you may recall my saying that I was told I couldn't do that - wouldn't work and all that jazz. Did it anyway, and not one piece has lifted. However on the second one - yellow, the walk cracked, and I've never gotten to repairing it. Can hardly get down for more than a few minutes - can't any longer work on the ground. I mosaiced directly onto the walk - barely swept it. I do remember on the first one, I bathed the walk in admixture. Don't know if that had any effect or not on it's lasting this long. There's some real ratty pieces of ceramic in there too - the cheap chalky kind. This was the beginning of my loss of fear and thirst for experimentation. Haven't looked back. All my pictures are in my album. If you find a list of all my albums, there are many photos in each. Here's a link to the photo you requested, but it's rather small. I didn't know how to use my photo shop - (still don't), but it's at least another angle.

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Thanks, Crafty, for letting us know about the photos! Nice job Calam on capturing Slow's garden.

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I took soooo many pics, but felt the ones I posted were the best ones, a lot of close up pics of the daylily blooms and roses are nice too. I was hoping Slow would post of pic of her cross at her front door, it is a future project that I am inspired to make now...on the "ToDo List"!

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Happy to oblige, CALAM. Y'all should see this at night w/the spotlight on it. CALAM got me hooked on solar spotlighting. She put one on Cleo, Gypsy, the Cross, the Fountain Surround, as well as hanging rope lights on my patio. Can't wait for her next visit, and she's trying to talk KLINGER into coming tooooooooo. Happy dance here.

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The more pics I see, the more amazed I get.

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Well then I will have to post these pics(back yard)...I think a convention of all of us at Slow's next year....I'll even bring my tent to make sure we all squeeze in!heh heh!

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Wow LOVE it! You all really make a person realize that ANYTHING is possible.

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Wow! I am so impressed. Everything is just amazing! YOU are just amazing!

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To live in beautiful surroundings like wouldn't want or need to leave home!

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Well, thank y'all very much, and a special thanks to CALAM for taking the photos and posting. Her photography skills are amazing. Re never wanting to leave home, I rarely do anymore, GYPSY, except to go out and buy more supplies.

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I'm just highly impressed you've done all this yourself...come up with the ideas and then dove right in...You are WOMAN!! xo

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