what to put in front of this window??

momto4boysAugust 3, 2009

I've had this love seat the last few yrs in front of the window. And it works ok. But, at Christmas the love seat gets moved to the opposite side, the recliner that I loath goes to our room. And I just like the arrangement so much better. I like the seperation from kitchen to living room by having the love seat in the other spot. And when the tree comes down, I LOVE the window. And how much bigger it makes the room feel by not being block by the bulky couch.

And the window itself, frame..etc. is kind of pretty.

Sooo..I'm in search of something to go here. I'd love two chairs and a little table. Just not sure I have room for it. Not to mention, everyone I see is way out of my TINY budget. I've found a couple bistro/game table type of things on craigslist. But, I don't think that's the right direction. Seeing as I'm losing a seat by ditching the recliner.

My big problem is, when looking at chairs I never really know what lines I'm suppose to be looking for. One seems too rounded for the other furniture and the style. Others, too square. So, can anyone maybe just advise at what I'm suppose to look for. I'm soooo clueless.


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Here are my 2 thoughts....
Can you put the loveseat across from the couch on the wall, but push the couch on the wall down closer to the window. I don't think you need any more furniture in there, if you have each couch facing the other and the coffee table in the middle. If you love the window, can you put a small table there with either a lamp or a plant on it so as not to block the window.
OR, you can put the loveseat where the recliner is in your picture (in other words, flip the loveseat across from where it is now), but then maybe a small chair with a table near the window.
Do you have a chair in another room that you can use? I just put one of my wicker chairs from outside in my living room because I needed to fill a spot, and it looks great.

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declan, I probably didn't explain myself well. Putting the loveseat where the recline is now is exactly what I want to do. Just sort of flip it from where it is now. Leaving that space in front of the window. When we last took down the tree, we tried to leave it for a few days and it was just WAY too bare not to have something. And I was without that extra seating. With our big family, I can't really give up any seats.

Oh, and the love seat can't go directly across..cause that's where the t.v. and fireplace are.

rest of the room

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Doesn't look like you have enough room in front of that window for two chairs and a table unless you find something with not a lot of width. I'd be more inclined to go with a single chair and a table.

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Will anyone really sit at the game table and do anything? I can see why moving the loveseat away from the window would appeal.

Is that door the one you use often?

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So, a single chair and table wouldn't look funny? Unbalanced? Cause I'm all for that. More affordable :)

As for the game table..who knows if it'd be used? Probably not. I thought maybe small puzzles could be worked there, and left until finished. Kids could maybe do homework there? But, in the end. Probably not the best plan.

And yes, the door is to the backyard. Used about 100 times a day for the doggies :)

saw this game table. But, sure it's all wrong. Least the color it is. I'd have to paint it or something.

Here is a link that might be useful: table

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Why don't you just put the recliner in front of that window?

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Sherrie Moore

I really think you could do two "smaller" chairs in front of the window and a small table between the two chairs. Or just two identical chairs side by side in front of the window. Look for two chairs 31" in width or smaller. But yes I would ditch the recliner!

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If you move the love seat to where the recliner is now, will you put the recliner back in your bedroom? If not, then I don't know where you could put it if you want something in front of the window.

We just bought a "game" table yesterday, (it's actually a small dinette) and two chairs. It's round, but it has two dropleafs, and we keep the leafs down and the table is rectangle that way. Which makes it nice because it's narrow.

I could see something narrow in front of the window with two chairs, or just two chairs and sm end table between them. A round one would look nice there.

I think a game table will be used at your house. Everyone loves new seating, especially if you can do something at the table and watch TV too! :)

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Oh, the recliner can go on craigslist for all I care. I can't stand that thing.

I'd really like something with a fun pattern to add something to the room. I've searched for pillows forever, always coming up short. I don't have a very good eye :(

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Oh, sorry momto4.....I guess I don't comprehend too well when I read !!!!!
Anyway, I think that by putting the loveseat where you were thinking and adding a small table in front of the window with a chair that would sit a little angled (it's back to the door)would look adorable.
Really beautiful room BTW.

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Oh, the recliner can go on craigslist for all I care. I can't stand that thing.

LOL! I know how you feel. I was glad when dh gave his away.

I don't have a good eye either. That's why I'm here dispensing advice, lol. We have a small space in the keeping room and I had hoped it was large enough for a couple club chairs and an ottoman. Turns out only one was a good fit, so now I'm trying to come up with a chair that's not a space hog and would work with what's there. I found a chair online that I'm going to check out later this week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chaparral chair

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For someone so clueless, you have done a very nice job of decorating that room.

I'm not crazy about the table and chair idea in front of the window. A built-in window seat would be nice but expensive. How about a low rectangular wicker trunk? Or a rectangular leather bench with legs for a lighter, airy effect?

Bean bag chair?

Here is a link that might be useful: Leather bench

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Could you put the couch with its back to the kitchen, put the loveseat on the wall where the couch is now, and make sure the two meet at the corner .

That would open up the space on the wall where the window is, enough that you could probably put two chairs with the floor lamp between them, or a lamp table.

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natal, that's a beautiful chair! I think that's along the lines of what I need. Something that's not over stuffed, and huge.

gray, we tried the bench idea after we took the tree down this yr. And it left the space kind of empty. Or, maybe it was just so different and I didn't leave it there long enough to adjust?
I'm really trying for some additional seating, though. As it is, my mother is griping if we take away the recliner, my dad will have no where to sit when he comes over. He's the ONLY one who uses it. Dh and I never sit in it, nor do the kids. We all sit on the couches.
Les, the couch is too long and cuts the room off too much to swith them. When I put them together at Christmas, I have them meet at the arms, with the table there with them. Along with lining it up with the column in the living room.
But, once we switch the loveseat, and move the couch down..it really does open that window up even more. I really don't see it being too hard to get two chairs in that space.

Pier 1 has some cute wicker chairs on sale. Is that cheesey, to have inside?

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If you do a table and chair that is tilted toward the room with the back to exterior door I would consider a compact swivel club like chair. I think it would look good positioned for conversation and serve duel purpose for TV.

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In my quest for another chair I bought one from Pier 1. It looked ok, but I ended up taking it back. I really would like a swivel like Eandhl mentioned, but haven't been able to find a compact one.

Which chairs are you thinking about? Take one home for a try out ... just make sure it's returnable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pier 1 wicker & rattan chairs

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Can you make the recliner/love seat switch now, (or remove the recliner) so we can see the space that is left? It sounds like it's only a matter of time before you find something and you can start getting used to the change. It would help me visualize. I like the idea of a swivel club chair.

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I can't imagine how these would hold up but this is sort of what I had in mind with my suggestion.

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Eandhl, great searches, but they're all so contemporary.

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natal, I don't think I'm seeing the one they had in the store. But, it was only $60 or so on sale. So, I'm sure it's not one of their best. I think it was on the smaller end, too. Probably wouldn't hold up very long :(

eandh1..some wonderful chairs you linked! I love the idea of swivel chairs. But, the price..yikes. My budget is pretty tiny, sad to say.

andee, I took pics of the space when we took the tree down this yr, and can't find them. I'll see if dh can locate them tonight and I'll post them.

thanks again everyone!

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