Built ins over entire wall

BilllJanuary 21, 2010

My wife wants me to install built in benches along an exterior wall in our office. The wall is about 15 ft long and has a brick chimney in the center which sticks out about 2 ft into the room. The layout would be 6ft bench, 3 ft chimney, 6 ft bench. Currently, there are 2 receptacles on the wall, one on each side of the chimney. Would relocation those to the front of each bench satisfy the requirement for outlets on that wall or would I have to have them on the actual wall? Do permanent built in areas count as "wall" in this case?

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Since you are going to the trouble of moving them, why not just put them higher up on the wall where they are accessible? Code does not require them to be down by the floor.

However, in regard to your original question, I'm presuming that these benches will have an enclosed, front surface like a "wall"? If so, I believe relocation to the front of the bench is permissible. You may wish to call your local electrical permitting authority to make sure they have no objections. Also, whether this is a commercial office or an in-home office may make a difference to them.

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Thanks. There are windows directly above the bench, so I'd like to avoid having outlets at that level. Besides, my wife really doesn't want them above the bench and I really don't want to be hearing about this 10 years from now.

The benches will be closed on the front but will have draws for storage (if that makes a difference.) Also, this is just a room in our home that we are updating, not a commercial office.

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"Also, this is just a room in our home that we are updating, not a commercial office."

If it was a commercial space there are no receptacle requirements.

You can put them in the face frame below the drawers, or even use plugmold.

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