remove broken pane out of double pane window?

merrybookwyrmApril 6, 2010

I'm a total newb about window repair.

The outer window pane on a double-pane window broke at our house. Got a big hole. All instructions that I've googled about removing this broken pane have started with removing the window from the house, then disassembling the window frame, then removing the broken glass, etc. If I am going to go to that much trouble, then as old as these windows are, a new replacement window is probably better. However we can't afford that at present, especially since the window installers I've talked to so far will only give a quote for windows for the entire house! Something about it being too expensive to get their crew(s) out for only one window...

So. Do I really have to remove the window from the house to get at the broken glass, or is there some way the broken glass can be removed from the aluminum frame without removing the whole window assembly?

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With double pane windows you cannot just replace one layer of the glass . The entire glass hass to be repalaced. A reputable glass company can do it for you.

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Thank you. Rats. I was hoping I could just take the broken pane out and leave it out, so that section would be single pane.

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