Grilles between the glass on Marvin Integrity

lindsay221April 28, 2012

My husband and I are just beginning the process of building a new home. We've pretty much decided to go with Marvin Integrity (wood-ultrex in pre-finished white). Our house is going to be a very traditional looking brick colonial. We originally wanted to do simulated divided lights on all the windows. We got the quote back yesterday and the cost would be an additional $10,000!! First off, does this seem accurate? I knew the SDLs were more expensive, I just didn't think they were $10,000 more expensive. Second, since this is definitely way more than we want to spend, we are going to end up doing grilles between the glass. What can we do to get as close to that traditional colonial look as we can using GBGs. Can we get thicker grilles? We want them to stand out. Thanks!!

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SDLs are very expensive and depending on how many windows, and more specifically lites, that you have, that number could be very reasonable.

They should have a 1" GBG option and from about 10 feet away, you really can't tell the difference.

I would go GBG unless the home is historic.

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+1 on wow

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Thanks for the info. We're meeting with our Marvin guy this week so I'll ask about the 1 inch GBGs.

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