Rocking Horse Adhesive Advice

solstice98July 19, 2009

Hi All, I'm new to your forum and fairly new to mosaics. I've done a wall in my patio but never attempted 3D objects, not even a BB. However, I just acquired a rocking horse (from my neighbor's trash!) and want to cover it in glass and mirrored tiles in a leafy pattern for my garden. The horse is heavy plastic, so what's the best adhesive? Can I use regular tile adhesive or would I be better off with something like the GE silicone I use for glass?

And is there a lightweight grout I can use that works well for all the twists, turns and small parts on the rocking horse?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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How sturdy is the horse? If it has any flex to it you need to sturdy it up so your Mo doesnt fall off later. One method I have seen is filling it with foam-that expandable stuff you fill cracks with....If its to ride on though its probably fine. Show us pics! we are all about that!

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I would use thin-set if it's going outdoors. You could even grout with thinset or reg. sanded grout and be sure to seal it to see pics. I did a horse (Rosie) but she stays indoors as she is wood. I'll add a pic for U. Good luck!!! Page 4

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosie

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I agree with Candy on the GEII and I don't know of a lightweight grout but if you are worried about getting into all the cracks and crevices just mix your grout a little thinner that normal and it will flow into all spaces. Good luck and welcome to the forumn.

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Thanks for your quick answers!

Here's a picture of the poor old thing, stashed for the moment in my garage. I think he's pretty sturdy; the plastic seems to be in good shape and solid.

And since I'm new to the forum, here's a picture of the only other mosiac I've done. I love the way it turned out and am very proud of it. But as you can see it's a flat wall and didn't present any curvy challenges at all. I used glass marbles (the flattish ones) and broken tile from an old outdoor kitchen we tore out.

This is how it really looks in the patio, behind the bar.

Thanks again for the help. I spend most of my time at the Florida gardening forum and the quilting forum but I'm sure I'll be visiting often, now that I've found you, for advice and inspiration!


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Kate, Your wall is beautiful!!! Great job!! Oh by the way your hooked now U know!!?? You'll see everything that doesn't move w/tiles from now on....Welcome

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OOOO, I love your wall, and that horsie! I have been wishing for one. Thinset is of course fabulous for out doors as an adhesive, I havent used it and dont know about working with it, but it would add to the weight (I dont know how much) and silicone is also great for outdoors. another advantage to thinset is the ability to level up uneven tesserae. Whatever you choose, show us your work, we are all junkies!

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OHMYGOODNESS. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wall, and your whole patio/pool area. What a lovely little nook. I'm a thinset person. After I learned how dangerous silicon is I quit using it. Your horse w/be WONDERFUL mosaiced, and yes, it'll be heavier. If I were doing it, I'd take it off the springs and mount it on a sturdy pedestal.

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Yeah, that's the plan. I haven't figured out exactly how to do that yet, but I have a Dremel and I know how to use it! Seriously, the pedestal will be important because we get such tremendous daily storms here in Orlando so I need to be sure it's very stable. After looking at some of your posts and photos, Slow, I'm thinking I may want to use some concrete blocks and build a wire frame around them to look like a post. Then I could add a narrower post out the top of the saddle and really make this guy look like a carousel horse! The top of the post could be a great place to hang an orchid or two, right?

This is a pitiful sketch but it shows what I'm thinking about doing. If a couple of the hooves are at ground level that will make it even more stable.

I can even use some metallic tiles on the support post and do a spiral stripe on the top post! Ooooo! The possibilities are endless!!!

Now I just need to figure out where to get all these tiles but that's the subject of another post.


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Making it a carousel horse is a great idea!!! and yes the possibilites are endless!!! You won't get much sleep from now on. If your anything like the rest of us once we get started we can hardly quit til the porject is done!!! It's 5:30am and I have been up since 3:30am working on my Birdbath,,,Nice to have someting to do when U can't get ZZZ's.....Keep us posted and send pics of your work in progress!!!!

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LOL - CATHY - you were up an hr. b/f I was. I couldn't sleep cuz I wasn't happy w/the water bowls and got up to start early at cutting them down. Have them as best as I can get them, and now have to go stock the larder. Been scrounging on cheese, bread and cereal all week. I'm sick, I tell you. SOLS - I LOVE your design and ideas on the top part - plants, etc., and can picture it in my mind. I have an antique carousel horse, and have been tempted at times to mosaic it, but have held off. I'll have a hard time watching you develop your beauty w/o being tempted to mo mine.

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Oh too funny Slow....I'm the same way. I did finally go to town Sat. I had been putting off due to the neck thing but the grandkids were starving!!! So I had to go. I wish I had a carousel horse. They are so cool....But I have my Rosie and I sure love her. Thought I might sale her at first but she's grazing by my dining room window and I think that's probably where she's gonna stay. She's between my bear table and a large plant and she looks good right where she's at. Funny how you become attached to these things!!! LOL Sols get busy we wanta see this horse come to life!!!!!!!!

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Well, hi!

Your first project is wonderful and I admire you for stepping into a large 3-D challenge for your second project. You'll get good advice here as there are some real pros willing to help. Have fun and keep posting pics. We love them!

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