Exterior Transfer switch installation

studiovetteJanuary 29, 2013

So before I begin I must admit I only recently started to look at generator options since we lost power in my area for 6 days after Sandy hit the NJ area. We managed to survive since my home has primarily natural gas water heater and 2 gas fireplaces. My main concern during the storm was my 2 sumps in my finished basement. I basically had to babysit the pumps to make sure they didn't overflow at any time. I have since then installed a water powered backup pump in my primary pit. I definetely got lucky since the storm brought higher winds then rain in my area.

Anyway after researching home standby models and deciding against them due to the huge cost to purchase and install (over $8k for 14-17kw and $10k for 20kw units) Just can't justify the expense for an ocassional power outage. My area has a great history and this was the lognest period of time without power. The main utility lines run underground which obviously helps.
In any event I would like to be prepared going fwd so I would like to install a permanent DIY easy solution without having to run cables and wires everywhere which could be dangerous. So I purchased a 7500 watt with 9375 peak (not a honda or Yamaha :( generator and want to wire a transfer switch to it. My 200amp panel is in my finished basement and I would not like to install it there since it will be an eye sore. Can you help recommend some outdoor trasfer swithces and advise if there's anything negative by doing it this way VS. inside? The way I see it I still have to go outside and start the generator in an emergency so why not have the switch outdoors also. The only switch I seem to find online is a reliance 30amp switch with 10 circuits for $399 http://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com/Reliance-Controls-R30310B/p1134.html#reviews
Some seem to think that these pre-wired switches are a joke but again I am not experienced at all in this field so I wouldn't know. Also Don't need the BEST OF THE BEST but something dependable and easy to operate.
Lastly If it matters I will just be connecting a few lights, internet, lap top, my sump pump, heating unit, washer/dryer during a power outage. Will not need them all powered at the same time.
Thanks for your time!!

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I hope your dryer is gas.

Standing outside in a storm switching over power is not my idea of fun. My friend who has a set up like this has the generator outside connected to an outlet box. This runs to the inside panel. He basically checks the transfer switch on the way out the door, goes out and starts the genny, connects it, comes back inside and hits the switch. He then turns on whatever he needs. He doesn't have to go outside to switch loads when necessary.

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Yes gas dryer and stove etc.. Thanks for the feedback. Your point makes sense. Thanks

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