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JMH2148April 18, 2012

Hi All; I've been reading posts on this forum for a while as I have been planning my new house. I am building in Pennsylvania on a mountaintop and will have an entire 2 story wall of windows on the west side of my house (sunset views). This is also the wind/weather side of the house and the temperatures can get quite cold and windy here in the winter. I've done a search on this and other fourms and have read reviews of the various manufacturers. I have a great framing contractor that has been doing business for 30 years in our area and he likes Anderson windows (no affiliation with Anderson). The architect likes Marvin. The two suppliers I am working with (not big boxes) have both suggested that I look at Weathershield for comparison. All of the above have suggested that I not go with Pella for my particular application. Architect has specified clad windows. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions and any other recommendations. Thanks.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Andersen 400 is a decent option and the Marvin Ultimate is regarded as the better of the two (at least from most of the folks on here and the people that I know).

I would throw Kolbe & Kolbe in that mix as well.

There is a regular poster on here by the name of millworkman4u that really know wood backwards and forwards.

He also runs a supply house out of NH. I am sure he can provide some feedback as well and maybe make a recommendation on who to call.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Web link

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Thanks. Does the Marvin Integrity wood/ultrex offer any benefit over their aluminum clad windows from a severe weather performance perspective? Also, from a purely performance perspective, is there a reason to prefer aluminum clad to vinyl clad or vice versa. I can't overstate the need for weather resistance. One of the largest wind farms in the state is on the next ridge and it was chosen because of the documented high sustained winds. This one wall is about 500sf of mostly glass facing directly in to the wind so above all I am concerned with harsh weather (wind driven rain and snow) performance. The exterior of the house will be brick if that matters.

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You can bet I will NEVER USE HURD WINDOW product!

I purchased very expensive HURD thermopane windows a little over ten years ago. Every window now is a milky white to the point that you can hardly see through. Two years ago I contacted the seller, then the distributor, then the regional customer service and finally the HURD company. Each process took months with each replying that I needed to talk to the "Next Level".

I have the original receipt, all the paperwork that came with the windows AND A CERTIFICATE OF WARRANTY. This document states the thermopane glass portion of the window has a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The final answer from Sheryl ... some lengthy response that indicated they now NO LONGER WILL HONOR LIFETIME WINDOW WARRANTIES. Even if the windows are not that old.

This is especially upsetting because the sales rep made such a big deal about the "Quality" of the HURD windows and the their Lifetime Warranty.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Fiberglass will be less prone to issue as compared to an aluminum or vinyl clad exterior.

All clad windows will have inherent weak points when it comes to weather. Some are better about holding up for longer terms while others are not.

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Thank you wow. Personally I can say nothing good about Weathershield, I would start with Marvin or Kolbe as my first choices. My next choice would be Integrity by Marvin. Andersen 400's are an ok window and would use them before quite a few brands.

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House Doc got caught up in the multiple bankruptcy drama of Hurd. Hurd isn't really even Hurd anymore.

I would recommend Marvin and all the other recommendations above. I am spiritually adverse to
Andersen :) Fiberglass is my personal pick because of strength and impervious resistance to cold and heat (west sun). However other windows mentioned above should also be considered. Not Weathersheild.

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This is regarding HURD DOUBLE HUNG Windowsâ¦My husband and I are building a retirement home and our local lumber yard recommended HURD. They said they sold their casement windows and their customers loved them. They looked beautiful and the glass looked great⦠I looked them up on the internet and looked at their example in the store. I decided it looked comparable to an upper grade window. We purchased the double hung and had them installed. First thing that happened my contractor said they were so flimsy when they installed them it took twice as long to install to get them straight. Next thing we noticed was the screens didnâÂÂt fit and were so flimsy if you just touched them they would fall out! Next we noticed the mechanisms. Two of mechanisms broke when we tried to open the window. Very cheap! ThereâÂÂs ONLY ONE seal to protect you from the outside. The seal is made of some fuzz with a piece of rubber in it! You can literally put a card, knife etc, thru itâ¦These windows reminds you of a MOBILE HOME window! We called our local lumber yard and they contacted the distributor who was from GUARDIANâ¦he came out and you could tell he didnâÂÂt care and did not want to be there. He was VERY rude and said they were all jacked! My contractor was there and measured them and proved they were not! We got in an argument and he left! The so called HURD rep couldnâÂÂt show up for another week! LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! When he finally showed up he wouldnâÂÂt even talk to me he said he was there to fix the windows!! ThatâÂÂs not why I called himâ¦he didnâÂÂt care! They got their money and thatâÂÂs all they care aboutâ¦I told him his company misrepresented us about by showing examples on the internet and in the store that wasnâÂÂt there window!!! He didnâÂÂt say a word to me! VERY RUDE!!!! I told them I did not want these windows and he kept on fixing them instead of talking to me and left!! I have built 3 homes and remodeled 6 homes in my life time! I have NEVER had such BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! These are lousy windows for the money! They misrepresent their product! CHEAP MECHANISMS AND SEALS. If I had the money I would sue themâ¦IF I FIND A WAY I WILLâ¦I would say they are worst than 3rd grade windows but they are charging for 1st grade windows! Stay clear from HURD windows!

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