Are Hurd Windows OK?

katsApril 24, 2006

I've heard before of Marvin and Anderson windows, but our GC just told us he's "locked-in" the price of our windows (32) and french doors (8) for the home we're building with a brand called Hurd. He said they are double hung and he wants me to decide on whether I want grills or not. From their website I do like the Queen Anne grill but not the rectangular. Other than the fact that the nearest Hurd dealer is over an hour away from where I live I don't know anything about them. And with the amount of glass we'll have I want to make sure they are decent windows. Our area (SoCal at the 4600 elevation) gets into the low 20's in the winter with snow and 90's in the summer and very dry. Can anyone enlighten me about this brand?

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I only have one aluminum clad casement by Hurd. It seems to be built very well. Its only been in service for 3 yrs,but no problems.

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Thanks als,

I'm glad to hear that. I sure don't want windows that leak air whether it's the cold coming in or the AC going out! And I think we have a very reasonable budget for the windows so I don't want junk either.

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Hurd is not very popular in my area, so I cannot comment on them directly. There has been some longevity issues with them here in the northeast.
I'd be sure to check with some other companies, to be sure you're getting the product you want. Ask to see a sample. Check out other samples. With such a significant window and door package, you should have salespeople tripping over each other to show off their product. Don't be "locked in" to anything until you have made your decision. Just because the builder has a deal with Hurd, doesn't mean you do.
The Queen Ann pattern is also known as Prairie, or Prairie A, and most window companies have this as an option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hurd Windows

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We have the original Hurd DH windows in our 1989 home, and the seals are gone. They leak air like a sieve. I don't know how much of that is simply the fact that they are 17 years old, but they definitely need replacing.

I don't know about the new Hurds, but these don't have pulls, only a groove in the sash which is difficult to grip when raising & lowering. DW has broken nails when her hands slipped because of this stupid design. If the new ones are like this I'd avoid them. JM2C.

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Thanks for the Hurd website link. No wonder I like the Queen Ann pattern... we're building a prairie/ranch style home!

Apparently the 2003 warranty which mike's website showed has the following;

A. Twenty (20) Year Transferable Limited Warranty: Insulated Glass.
Hurd Millwork Company, Inc. ("Hurd") warrants the Insulated Glass glazed in Hurd windows and patio doors shall be free from any material obstructions of vision due to fogging occurring between the interior glass surfaces resulting solely from a failure of the hermetic seal, other than through glass breakage, for a period of twenty (20) years from the original date of manufacture by Hurd.

B. Two (2) Year Transferable Limited Warranty: Glass Stress Cracks.
Hurd warrants that all glass units shall be free from stress cracks for a period of two (2) years from the original date of manufacture by Hurd.

C. Ten (10) Years Transferable Limited Warranty: Non-Glass Components.
Hurd warrants that non-glass window and door components shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the original date of manufacture of the window or door by Hurd.

I don't know if this is better or worse than Anderson and Marvin warranties.

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Hurd is used almost exclusively in the area where we are building --- because of the huge temperature swings...high desert so light snow in the winter and 100+ during the summer. The contractors all prefer them over any other window. Any leak issues have been from faulty installation not the hurds themselves. After interviewing 3 GCs and hearing the same praise about Hurd, that's what we're going I can't give you personal experience, just market intelligence on what works well in those temp swings.

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...high desert so light snow in the winter and 100+ during the summer

Turbee, You sound like you might be just "up the hill" from where I live.

What you're saying about praise from other GC's is the same thing my GC said, that Hurd works well with these temps.
I just hadn't heard about them before and didn't want to find out I had a cheap product when we've got a decent budget.

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Hurd windows was recently bought out by Monarch Industries. Their treatment of their employees is horrific. Poory treated employees will treat their employers the same way they are being treated. Thie means they will not care about the product they are making as they feel they are disposable to management. They also feel their job is a disposable job as any job they get when they leave can't be worse than their present situation. In a job like this turnover is high and inexperienced workers make more mistakes than experienced ones. All tese factors contribute to a poor quality product.

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Wow, thanks for the info rswojo0. All I knew was that Hurd has pretty much pulled out of New England due to quality issues. They haven't been able to get dealers to carry the product, and their response to service issues has been very poor. Perhaps in other parts of the country the line is better supported.

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I am wondering if there is any new information about Hurd out there, as these posts are 2 years old! I just got a quite from a distributor - but this is the only person to have recomended Hurd to me. I live in the mid-atlantic area. Has anyone put Hurd windows in recently? What is your experience?

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Wow, post from the PAST here!!!

Well, after posting this thread we did have the HURD windows installed in our new home. We've only been in one year and so far I'm quite happy with the windows and doors but especially with the service from HURD. After installation the HURD rep came out and checked each and every window and door to make sure they were set properly. I don't know if this was requested by our GC or if it is a service provided by HURD themselves. But with a combined 69 windows and doors (forgot to count the upstairs in my original post) it's important to know they were set correctly. Will they last? I don't know but if they pay the attention to building the product that they do to installing it then I think I'll be fine.

Good luck on your home!

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Just saw this post. We have a 12 year old house with Hurd windows and we're happy with them. The house isn't huge, but has about 40 windows, almost half on the south side of the house facing a river, so we get humidity and some good temperature shifts. So far, they seem to be holding up well.

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Thank you for the info! It's really helpful.

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When we were building our home in 1988 we went with Hurd casement windows (which crank out) because they offered the most glass area and we wanted the most because of our view. WHAT A MISTAKE.

At least 7 seals have given and the panes have had to be replaced. At this point we either have to pay to have the come and install them or have them shipped here to be installed by us. BUT THAT'S NOT THE MAIN PROBLEM.

The cranking mechanisms (not the crank itself) are failing right and left (no pun intended). We have 31 of these windows and although they are willing to replace them I expressed concern about the time when the warranty will be over. The rep said it could be due to the size of the window. Well, if the window is too heaving for the hardware, wouldn't you beef up the hardware. We're looking at a huge expense just down the road.

It's ironic. We lived in a 1950s house that had an original picture window and two side casements in the living room. The seal was not broken on the picture window portion and the cranks still worked fine from the time we bought the place in 1987 to when we moved in 1998. They were Anderson windows.

Quality is everything!

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We have Hurd Casement windows. Our house was built in 1993.
I'm too lazy to go count all our windows, but we have a lot of them . Our house is 4000 sq ft. We have some true divided light windows on the front of the house, some with snap in grids and some stationary windows.
We've had no mechanism problems. About 5 years ago, we had a seal failure in a window in our garage . And in the last month, we noticed a 2 inch area of rot on one of the sills when you crank the window open . That seal has just begun to fail. We live in an area with temps in the upper 90's and occasionally over 100 in the summer, and in the winter we rarely have temps below 20. We've had some trouble with the paint on the outside holding up.They probably need to be painted about every 3 years.

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We just had 10 hurd replacement double-hung windows installed.
They seem well built and they really keep the heat out, but the silicon on the outside aluminum clad was put on VERY sloppily. If I had seen one of the windows before ordering I would have been put off by this fact alone.

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No they are not! I have 17 7-year old aluminum clad windows and they are so heavy that the springs have all given out and when you unlock them the top window falls down and the bottom window won't stay up - have to prop something underneath it to stay up. Hurd said they knew the springs weren't holding up and would send new springs but I had to find someone to replace them. Good luck and open your pocket book! Windows can no longer be tilted in, they won't stay in the tracks, and I have $12,000 worth of crap! The grooves instead of pulls have broken every finger nail I have and have even drawn blood. I have unuseable windows and I can't wait until the day I can afford to replace them. DO NOT BUY THESE WINDOWS - YOU'LL BE SORRY.

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We built our home a couple of years ago. All the windows and doors were from Hurd. It has been a NIGHTMARE beyond comprehension. We trusted our GC and now wonder what was really going on. Almost every window has a problem.cracked panes, mechanism failures on the single-hung, seal leaks and screens that cannot be removed without snapping. On top of this, painted wooden windows should be a by-gone era - the maintenance is not worth it.

A prior posting also mentioned the lack of a pull to open the windows - this is a bigger issue than you may realize when just shopping for new windows. It is such a nuissance, especially if you are trying to reach a window that is further away - eg back of the kitchen counter

Even though Hurd Corporate agreed that there were manufacturing problems, they have refused to fix the problems. The sales rep will not even call us or visit the house to see the problems. Consequently the Hurd warranty is worth nothing. Our local distributor is even worse to deal with - endless promises, never shows up, never fixes anything. It will basically cost us 100% of the original purchase price to fix the mess. If we could do it again, there is absolutely no chance in ..... that we would buy Hurd.

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Monarch Holdings, parent corp of Hurd filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in mid-September. One of the reason given is the cost of lawsuits Monarch inherited when they bought Hurd Millworks about 2 years ago. Hopefully they will get through this.

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I noticed that HURD filed for bankruptcy 9/24/08. My dealership says warranties will be honored, but I'm wondering
if its safe to buy a 3-lite inswing patio door from them. They are about 1/2 the price of equivalent french door from Marvin.
Does anybody have experience w/ doors from HURD as opposed to
windows? Thanks,
Ben Foster (Boulder, Co)

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Ben- Are you looking at the Marvin Aluminum Clad line or the Inregrity line? My parents just had an Integrity door installed and it is hard to tell it is a fiberglass product since the wood on the inside is done extreamly well.

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Built my home in '89 and over the last 10 years we have had a steady progression of failure on glass seals. The double-hung are in the worst shape, with at least 4 that are fogged so badly it looks like someone spray-painted them. The glass in every exterior door is fogging around the edges and now the casement windows appear to be doing the same. Our local supplier told me he quit carrying HURD because of failures and warranty issues with the manufacturer.

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Ive not had any experience with Hurd windows but I can tell you from working with different window manufacturers and their warranties that 20 years on seal failure is good, Two years on stress cracks is above average, but ten years on non glass materials is fairly poor. Hardware at least should be lifetime. That doesn't show a lot of confidence in their window engineering.

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I'll try to clear up a few things for a number of the questions regarding Hurd Windows. This may be a little long, but I'll try to help a number of postings.
Hurd Windows has been around for 90 years. They have a strong quality reputation across the country. Their products are as good or better than other popular brands and are a great value.
Seal failure of insulating glass is common from all manufacturers. Window companies buy glass from glass manufacturers such as Cardinal, PPG and Guardian, the same as car manufacturers buy tires from tire manufacturers to be used in their products. The glass seal is only as good as the technology available at the time. Older glass will have a greater tendency to fail due to the perimeter seal being permeated, the vacuum between compromised, and the result is clouding. The only recourse is to replace the glass. Often warranties will still be in effect, but again, the older the unit, the lesser the life of the warranty. While some may say that a warranty on glass should be 20 years - how many products do you know in your home, or anywhere for that matter, that have a 20 year written warranty? $80,000 cars don't even have that.
As to the double hung windows that are falling down, the sash are probably not seated in the balances correctly. If you look in the vinyl tracks and see a clip or 'shoe' sitting there, it means the sash are not hooked in properly and that's what's causing them to fall. They need to be tilted, taken out and the pins on the lower corners of the sash seated properly in the balance. You can contact Hurd direct for more information on resolving this issue.
As to the all wood windows not performing - windows and doors require a certain amount of maintenance from year to year. All wood vs. clad wood require more because they may need to be repainted every 2 or 3 years. Hurd like other companies make an all wood window with a factory applied exterior primer, but it is up to the builder or owner to apply a quality top coat insuring long life to the window. Sun, rain, snow and other elements will deteriorate the window, causing leakage in areas, and even rotting if not treated correctly early on. This doesn't make Hurd a bad window. The builder obviously made a choice between an all wood window and clad, with the all wood window less expensive to use at construction. Hurd makes what is called an 'upgrade kit' for double hung windows. If your windows are older, maybe all wood, you have a considerable number of seal failures, you may want to opt for replacing the upper and lower sash with upgraded Hurd product, along with new balances to tighten them up. It's no where near as expensive as full tear out replacement, you can upgrade your glass to newer technologies, keeps the old frame intact, and you start with a whole new warranty! Which by the way, for Hurd is a Limited Lifetime on all components of their window.
As to the servicing of the product, there are Hurd factory trained independent service technicians across the country available to take care of virtually any issue with a Hurd window. They are trained specifically by Hurd, and you can contact Hurd for names in your area, or go to their website and look under their dealer locator for those who are 'service only'. Unfortunately, many window dealers prefer not to be in the servicing end of the business which does make it difficult to get product issues handled.
As to the status of Hurd and the bankruptcy issue, this past September, their parent company Monarch Holdings filed voluntary Chapter 11 protection due to economic conditions, the housing slump as well to clear itself of a number old lawsuits, many of which other window manufacturers are involved in as well. The company continued to operate during the C11 proceedings, and on Dec 12 was purchased by Longroad Asset Management LLC. The old Hurd Windows and Doors closed, and was opened up under HWD Aquisitions Inc., using the long standing Hurd name to continue to manufacture windows and doors. Because the new owners purchased only the assets and not the liabilities, the lawsuits became null and void, and infortunately so did warranties under the old company.
Fortunately the new owners recognized the need for some coverage and extended a special assistance program on product dating back to Jan 07. Older product is not covered, however, glass, sash and parts are available for purchase by going to Hurd's website or contacting them directly. The good news is although parts for pre-2007 product will need to be purchased, had the new owners not found value in the Hurd name, operations and people, there would be no Hurd windows and no parts at all.
No window company in the industry is imune from the economic hardships related to the economy and the housing slump, but today Hurd is your safest bet given the strength of the company now, no debt, considerable capital going forward, and new Lifetime warranties covering the entire product and product line.
If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to try and help.

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I'm very worried! Purchased Hurd windows for my new home built in 2005 - Location Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada. Originally came with 20 year waranty. Windows are making all kinds of racket, popping/cracking sounds. I hope it's not seals breaking. I put a complaint into the manufacturer, only to find out that Hurd filed for chapter 11, and HWD Aquisition purchased them, but not their liabilities. Now I'm stuck with no warranty. I would stay away from Hurd windows like the plague! This company is NOT reputable. They're service people (through their dealer) try to avoid customer requests for service. They're on more conferences, then in the shop. Please -- save the aggravation -- DO NOT CONSIDER PURCHASING HURD WINDOWS! After spending over $60,000 on windows, I feel extremely cheated! My parent purchased Loewen windows. They are fabulous. The service technicians are no non-sense. Next time I'm going with Loewen.

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So the new owners purchase the Hurd company because of there good products and reputation, and then expect people to purchase there product even though the old company screwed everyone by going broke. I have sold Hurd in the past back in the 80's and said at the time i never would sell them again and this certifies my belief that I still would not sell them again.

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Afsa, I agree. I have withheld comment on Dopgolf's reply but suffice it to say I strongly disagree with much of his pathetic defense of Hurd Windows and find some parts of it down right insulting.

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We are in upstate NY and now AZ and have had our Hurd windows in NY for over 10 years. They are excellent and much better than one Marvin we have that has some leak issues and one Anderson which shows extremes of heat and cold in depending on the season. We also went the highest end and their millwork around the glass is excellent. Only one window had a problem with moisture which was replaced at no cost. This was probbly due to some outsideconcrete removal done at this where the vibrations caused possibly some shaking of the window frame. Still no cost to us... We support Hurd a great deal and are disappointed to hear of their bankruptcy. Are they still in business?
Does anyone have AZ recommended windows? UV and heat are the issues of course

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Since I posted in July, we have a seal broken and moisture inside one window. Not too thrilled to hear the warranty has been voided by the new owners, although in this economy, it's par for the course.

FWIW, my company was purchased by a private equity firm, too. (Longroad Asset Mgt LLC = just another private equity firm in my books.) Believe me when I say they don't care about you or your warranty. Their main job is cutting costs and making as much money as possible. They will keep up appearances as necessary to keep market share, but no more. Any cost that can be reduced will be. IMHO, this doesn't bode well for the future of this manufacturer or their product, dopgolf's comments notwithstanding.

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Our new home also was outfitted with Hurd windows in 2001. We have had numerous failures of the seals and the crank mechanisms. They have replaced the windows in the past, with my labor. Now, with the new company, the warranty is voided and I'm stuck with more failed windows. It doesn't make any difference if they offer a 10, 20, or lifetime warranty, if they go out of business, it's worthless!
Once burned, twice shy - I wouldn't buy them again.

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My Home in Ohio was built in 2002 and I have 32 double hung Wood/Alum. Clad windows, many of the windows sash tilt pivot pins are broken, and I have a few windows with broken balances (string snapped, block and tackle in questionable shape). My local distributor is out of business and the nearest distributor to me now is 90+ miles away. Can I re-string the balance myself are these issues covered under warranty? Can I use another mfg balances or are there aftermarket balances that could work? Everything on the Hurd website part store is way marked up! Would I buy Hurd again, I really can't say since I wanted Green, and my other option was Pella which seems to have better reliability but didn't come in green. I do not have a problem with the window seals, but I do feel a draft during the winter around the sides of a few windows.

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Wow ..the last post here is a year old. So what is the real deal here with HURD? When we had our home built in 2000 we spent an additional $40,000 to upgrade our windows to HURD to be highly energy efficient but figured it would be worth it and was really counting on the HURD name. Had Andersons in our last house and they were great but my husband insisted on the energy efficiecy that HURD was offering.

We have the HURD Heat Mirror windows, divided lights with crank-out windows and two sets of patio doors. The exterior is clad in metal but the interior is wood...all interior painted white except the den which is stained. What I find really weird is that the interior edges of the windows (the part you don't see when the window is cranked shut) are just raw wood so that if you leave your windows open and it starts raining the raw wood is exposed.

We have probably 4 windows that have failed/clouded now so after reading the posts here about them going out of business I am really depressed!! This is just ONE issue with our house and we have been so sidetracked with structural issues that the window problems were sidelined and now if I can't get them replaced that is really disgusting!

(Also have issues with cabinets that the 10 year warranty is expiring...hopefully they are still in business!!)

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No no no no no no no no. The new management is a bigger joke than the old group. I can never get help with warranty issues and the piece of -/:( windows are only 2 years old. I did speak to a sales manager in the northeast and what a joke that guy is. Thanks for the help TURD Windows

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I want to purchase a patio sliding doors from Hurd. I would like to know if anyone has purchase one and how it stands up? Also I wanted to have an independent contractor to install.

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read the posts prior to yours

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Ive been very pleased with Hurd...a lot of what u read that's negative is probably from jealous competition. You can find these complaints and concerns on all the window brands.
All the major manufacturers are using the same and latest technology. Ive sold windows for almost 20 yrs. Value and quality Hurd is hard to beat. Marvin is super but they are typically 20-25% more expensive. I wouldnt put a pella proline or andersen 200 series in, you're paying for their name and the quality is terrible.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

While it is true that if you make enough windows, you will inveritably have some upset consumers, I do not think that any significant percentage of the posters who are upset are "jealous competition".

I agree with your comments on Pella and Andersen for the most part and I have had good success with Hurd.

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Funny how the person starts out saying the negative comments on Hurd are probably from jealous competitors and ends up bashing Pella and Andersen. Oh, the hypocracy!!

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Well it's been a couple of years, I will finally measure my windows tonight and will call Hurd to see how much they want for parts or if the warranty is still in effect. I've had problems with my Hurd dbl hung windows from day one! At issue are the cast aluminum tilt pins breaking and the string, block and tackle breaking The window are operated as instructed on the Hurd website. My Wife can't open the windows since they are very tight due to the friction of the wood and plastic rubbing. I will try beeswax and/or silicone to help solve the friction issue. The problem is one of two things: 1. friction, but one that should have been addressed at the factory or upon installation or 2. the hardware is junk (I would design a tilt pin & block & tackle stronger than cast alum)also, string force should withstand the high pull force due to the friction issue. I will post and let all know how my hurd parts request goes.

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I have clad double hung hurd windows and have replaced almost all of the clutch shoes inside the jamb liner. The windows are thirteen years old but the shoes began to fail at about eight years. Hurd sent me the parts in 06 at no charge but I had to spend hours taking out the jamb liners as they would not cover labour. There are air leaks on all of the windows so I went online to price parts and am not happy to read that my warranty is now gone. My wife hates these windows and this company and I must hear her complaints every winter when the cold air begins to pour in. Just so you know when a clutch shoe fails the spring that holds the window open shoots up into the top of the jamb liner and the spring is often damaged. If your window wont stay open this is the cause of your problem. Now it is time for me to try and find replacement parts for my air leaks and blow more of my free time . I was a millwork carpenter and a woodworker so I am lucky to have the skills to repair

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I am building a new home and am chosing between Hurd and Marvin. I am not inclined to buy Hurd, because I am more familiar with Marvin, particularly the Integrity line. Anybody out there love Hurd windows (only windows bought in the past few years) ? ?

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Buy the Marvin. How many more people do you need to tell you Hurd Windows are junk? They didn't wave some magic wand at Hurd and suddenly started producing a quality product. Hurd has a long history of poor quality products and nearly non-existent customer service. It hasn't changed over night.

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i have had my hurd windows for about 8 years and am very happy with them. they are lasting nicely and look great! Originally i wanted pella, but i went with hurd because hurd is also an aluminum clad-wood window but much cheaper than pella and marvin.

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I purchased a Hurd sliding door in 2005 and now need warranty/service done for a fractured glass panel. The process has been painfully slow, taking 6 months just to get an estimate and then be notified that my warranty is null and void because the company was sold sometime after I purchased the door. I have contacted Hurd and am still hoping to recoup some or all of my costs for the repair.

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I don't have any idea why you have a "fractured glass panel", but none of the many window companies I have ever dealt with cover such an item unless it can be proven to be spontaneous breakage, and the is tough to prove. The glass only can be changed in a Hurd sliding glass door and any quality glass shop should be able to send technicians to your home and do the work.

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We had log house (Wilderness) built in 2002 with Hurd windows. Love the house but have had problems with about half of the windows. Either the string in the balance is broke or the little dog ears that hold the string broke. The 10 yr warranty is not good due to their economic problems. I have just found out about getting parts from HURD. At least I can fix them. Ours leaked also, so in winter I put clear plastic on the screens which seems to make a big difference and is quite easy to do. Otherwise the glass has been no problem. Just frustrating cause we got HURD as an upgrade to get the best windows possible.

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I strongly urge anyone considering Hurd windows to choose another brand. We have Hurd windows in our 1994 built home and have had 3 windows implode during very cold nights. Hurd will no longer warranty this last window that broke.

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If you want the honest truth about Hurd then read this. I am building a new house. I contacted Hurd 6 months ago and told them there were many problems with my windows. They came out 1 time and I stll have windows I can see daylight through. I have 6 windows that I can not get locked. Every window feels like it is open when the wind blows. Believe it or not we paid more money for these windows than we would have paid for other brands and these turned out to be the poorest quality windows I have ever seen. I may not be an expert on windows but this is my third new house so I do have some experience. When I talk to the rep all he can say is I do not know if there is anything wrong with the window because I am not there. I may be wrong but I do not think you should feel air coming through a closed window. These windows are the worst built windows I have ever seen and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy new windows to consider other brands before you buy Hurd. I wish someone had warned me but it looks like I am stuck now. I hope to get them repaired but I am not sure it is posible because these window are so bad I don't think they can stop the air leaks. I may just have to sue them and hope I can get the labor back in a lawsuit. I hope this helps someone from going through what I am. I give windows a grade F- for quality.

    Bookmark   February 26, 2012 at 7:05PM
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Not sticking up for Hurd but nothing you state here as a problem can be attributed to product only but also a very good chance of a poor or improper installation

    Bookmark   February 26, 2012 at 7:19PM
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It is 100% bad product. The builder that put them in builds 100 home per year and I know he knows how to install windows. The factory rep was out and he did not say they were installed wrong. The outer frames of these windows are rigid so it would be very difficult to rack these windows. They are built very solid on the out side. The windows are not being pinched in any way. I could see daylight between the sash and the jam. The factory put wider weather stripping on both sides to solve that problem. Now the air is coming through the windows where the two sashes meet on a double hung in the middle. The latches that are used so you can tilt the windows for cleaning are flimsy at best. I can move every window in and out at the center of the window 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. You really have to see this to believe it because I would never believe windows could be built here in the USA with such poor quality. I told the factory it may help if they beef these latches up and when Ken talked to me later he thanked me for pointing that out and he said they were going to replace all of them on my window and start using these on all new window they build. (Mine are still not done but it has only been 6 months. My problem is I am alway in a hurry.) Why wouldn't their engineers figured that out. As I was writing this I just received a phone call from Hurd and they said they are going to replace every part on my windows and they admitted that it is a window problem not installation. I will say that is a step in the right direction. However I still do not think I would recommend these window to anyone. I think you can get a better window at a better price and not have to go through all of this. I hope when they are done it does not feel like the windows are open when they are really closed. The only plus I have for these windows are that they look really nice on the inside. If you do not mind the window blowing through your house in the middle of winter then these may be the window for you. I guess I am just hard to please because I want looks and performance. If you ever have to deal with their factoy rep Ken you might want to ask for someone else because I do not beleive that guy knows anything. I think he just collects a paycheck. He was in the area one time when he was suppose to stop by and he just said he ran out of time and would be back in the area in a few weeks and he would stop by then and look at my problems. Why should he care? What do you think of that for service? I would fire that guy.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2012 at 3:07PM
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Hopefully they will get that all straightened out sooner or later Carl. Were these windows recommended by your builder, or were they your choice?

    Bookmark   February 27, 2012 at 4:35PM
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I hope so. I spent a lot of money for windows that leak. My builder did not recommend them. Ryan's window and doors in Syracuse NY recommended them. I guess I will not take their recommendations again. But to be fair it is not really their fault. If they recommend them again after they know what happened here then it will be their fault. I think they sell more Marvin than anything. I did look on the internet but I guess I didn't look far enough because I did not find this site. Had I found this site I do not think I would have purchased these windows. I spent a lot of money to foam seal my home because the winters can get bad here in Syracuse and then to have your windows perform like these it is very upsetting. That Ken who works for Hurd tried to tell me these windows were tested and it was normal to see daylight around the edges. I am not sure what drugs he is on but I think he should share so none of us would care what was going on. He must think I am some kind of a moron. That must be what he tells Joe home owner that really knows nothing about windows just so they do not have to keep fixing all the problems. Like I said before he should be fired. If he worked for me he would be. Oh well I hope I never see him again. Just for the record I am in the construction business and I have installed windows myself and I know I am not an expert by no means but I do know how windows are installed. In new construction if you have ever installed them they are not that hard. Even if you have only half a brain I think you could do them. We will see if they can be fixed. After looking closer at these windows I see a lot of areas that can be improved. I know I will not except them if they leak even a little. I will take them to court if this does not fix it. I have to try to stay positive for now and hope for the best because it will get real nasty if they can not fix them. I gave them every chance to remove these window and pay to have another brand installed before everthing was all sealed in but they chose to go this route. Still hopeful.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2012 at 7:59PM
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Just to follow up with my last posting. Hurd had their contractor come out to basically replace all the window parts. They still leak air and hurd rep told me that it is normal for windows to leak. They are a little better at least I can now lock them and open them. I would never buy these windows again. The window in my current home do not leak a drop of air. Hurd windows are just junk so they try to make excuses to why they leak. Save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a different brand of windows if you are looking for new windows. You can do much better at less cost. With todays energy cost you do not want or need windows that leak. Hurd's rep also said it is not good if the windows are to tight because you need fresh air in your house. I can not believe that comment. I have a fresh air system in my home and I control my air exchange with a system that does not waste energy. It heats the air comming in with the stale are that is leaving. Don't buy Hurd if you want good windows. I am still leaving a law suit on the table.

    Bookmark   April 25, 2012 at 8:02PM
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No window is ever designed nor supposed to leak air!! No matter what anybody says.

    Bookmark   April 25, 2012 at 8:10PM
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Windows on Washington Ltd


What a completely idiotic response from the Hurd rep about air leakage.

That is a poor commentary on their company if he is out there making those type of buffoonish comments.

    Bookmark   April 26, 2012 at 11:28AM
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From what I can tell, after 2 bankruptcies, they're not even really "Hurd" anymore. I believe their owners are just squeezing them now, so quality will decrease and service will decline.

    Bookmark   April 26, 2012 at 5:03PM
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that's not good if the quality decreases and customer service declines because when I sold them 22 yrs ago they were junk with poor customer service!

    Bookmark   April 26, 2012 at 8:25PM
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I have a house full of Hurd windows that were installed 2002. I have several that have developed moisture between the panes. The kicker is that the last window that I had replaced does not resemble the original. The glass is a different color and the wood inside trim is also totally different. The distance between panes is 3/4 inch and the old were 1 inch. I have the sheer Silhouette blinds and when closed the replacement glass makes the blind in front of it look a really dirty green. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service and the replacement windows their representative installed. Hurd customer service said they have no obligation as the company was "reorganized' and all warrantee's are void for 2002 windows. Not happy!

    Bookmark   May 7, 2012 at 4:52PM
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NO NO NO NO!!!!! DO NOT buy these windows or even think about buying these windows or even say the name of these windows out loud. I have about 50K's worth of windows that have currently 5 broken seals and the kicker is I have NO warranty because of the original bankruptcy, UGH!!!!! They are only 5 years old...waaaah! The customer service is the worst on the planet and if I wasn't in such a rotten economy I might seriously think about replacing them all with Pella. Do yourself a favour, look elsewhere for windows, and NO I don't work for any window company :)

    Bookmark   June 14, 2012 at 10:39AM
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Why would you replace them with Pella, do you want to change them again in another 5 years??????

    Bookmark   June 14, 2012 at 11:20AM
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They're still in business aren't they! What windows would you suggest then? My neighbours have Pella and have no complaints.

    Bookmark   June 14, 2012 at 2:36PM
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A neighbor with no complaints about their windows is not a good baseline to determine the quality of a window or the veracity in which a manufacturer will resolve a complaint.

There are some good wood windows available if that's the direction you want to go. I would look at Marvin, Andersen 400 series, and Kolbe & Kolbe if they are available to you.

Might also want to consider a composite. If so I would look at Interstate Compositwood or Okna Starmark.

    Bookmark   June 14, 2012 at 6:04PM
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I agree with what Eco said but I would lean much more towards Marvin or Kolbe.

    Bookmark   June 14, 2012 at 9:05PM
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My husband and I bought 49 Hurd windows and three sets of patio doors three years ago and we couldn't be happier with them. We used alder interiors, factory finish, specialty glass to block UV fading with a combination of casements, awnings, double hungs, arches, and picture windows.They are treated against wood rot with the company's special system, which we didn't find with the other brands considered. I highly, highly, highly recommend Hurd to anyone considering them. They are beautifully crafted. They are built better than Marvin without the same price tag. Every window operates flawless and our energy bills did go down. They are like fine furniture and truly my favorite part of our home. When we were shopping around, we found if you search, you are going to find scary things on the Internet about every single major window brand. Example, Pella was in a big class action lawsuit recently due to their extensive wood rot issues. Hurd has been around a long time. This customer has nothing but praise and recommendations for Hurd.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2013 at 6:30PM
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First registered today, but glad your happy with your choice but fairly certain you would be in the minority. And better made than Marvin,!!

    Bookmark   March 12, 2013 at 8:41PM
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I have to admit, my installation experience with Hurd is very limited, however I have MANY clients for whom I've replaced Hurd windows because they would not honor the warranty after their "reorganization".

    Bookmark   March 12, 2013 at 10:33PM
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I sold Hurd window albeit it back some years ago and the quality was not even in the same stratosphere as Marvin.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2013 at 9:26AM
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Frankly, a defense of these windows is very difficult. I have 60+ of these windows and they look great see that nearly all the seals are broken and they are filled with condensation and are darkened when viewed in sun light. No sun light they look good. They were installed in 1989 and by 2000 most if not all were already showing signs of failure. Of course, there was no warranty and the company had no intention of standing behind them. I now have to replace most of them at considerable expense. If you have choices make them.

    Bookmark   February 19, 2014 at 10:34AM
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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sorry to hear of your product of your product failures.

Were there any failures inside the 10 year mark that they covered under warranty?

    Bookmark   February 20, 2014 at 7:34AM
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HURD windows and very happy in northern Illinois.
I've owned 2 other homes, had "quality" windows installed then, but they do not compare.
Our current home, built in 1989, all HURD alum. clad double hung windows and sliding patio doors. I wasn't familiar with Hurd but these windows have been amazing over the harshest winters. No leaks, drafts, condensation or frost. Every window seal is intact and extremely sound proof. We do have a few balance springs that need to be replaced. But at least we can do this, many manufacturers do not continue to provide replacement parts after this amount of time. The Hurd customer service rep that returned my call was very professional, intent on answering all my questions and assuring me I would not have to replace these great windows. Our Hurd patio doors are also very well built. I honestly would be in a state of depression if I was told I needed to replace these Hurd windows with another product.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2015 at 7:30PM
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Windows on Washington

That is an interesting first post to be certain. I also had some Hurd casements in a previous home that were quite okay as well. I would not have registered on a discussion forum to post up that information though as a first post.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2015 at 5:23AM
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I sold Hurd in the late 80's and most of them have all been replaced, mainly because of "No leaks, drafts, condensation or frost", and not to mention rot!!

1 Like    Bookmark   March 18, 2015 at 7:49AM
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I have Hurd windows and doors. They are 7 yrs old, the seals are gone and several are warped and leak cold air like crazy. Hurd will not honor the warrantee because they are claiming the manufacture date is older and they are no longer under the warrantee. It is not when they are purchased and installed which seams strange to me. Something to be aware of and be wary of them as a company.

1 Like    Bookmark   March 18, 2015 at 2:49PM
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We have Hurd casement windows and within 5 years we had to replace at least 10 of these windows because of broken seal. We should of had all our windows replaced under warranty, but when we went to make another claim they told us they went through a bankruptcy and we were no longer able to have them replaced. We paid our builder a lot extra for these windows and have had nothing but trouble with them. Also, our neighbors who used Hurd windows also had the same problem. The neighbors who had installed cheaper windows all have had no problem at all. I would NEVER buy anything with HURD's name on it in the future!

    Bookmark   March 20, 2015 at 4:18PM
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