Unable to solve possible electrical issue

splashndash10January 25, 2010

30 days ago, i purchased a 120hz flat screen TV for my master bedroom of a 30 year old condo. Everything was working fine until two days ago. The TV remote started not responding. I changed batteries, still didn't respond. I took the TV to another bedroom and TV responded to remote. Put a different flat screen TV in the bedroom and it didn't respond. I've led to believe that the electrical wiring in the condo is failing and cause electrical interference in the bedroom. Can anyone help me?




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That's a strange set of circumstances, but I don't see how -- from a physics standpoint -- the wiring in the walls can interfere with the remote. If your wiring were having problems, it could affect power to the tv, but not the remote. I've had problems with remotes in the past, but the problems have always involved the remote being sensitive to how I point it or a defect in the remote.

As an experiment:

-Have you tried different locations in the bedroom?
-Have you tried getting right up to the sensor on the tv with the remote
-Is there anything in the location you are trying that could interfere with the line-of-sight between the send and receive sensors on the remote and the tv?

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Ron Natalie

Is there sunlight or something shining on the TV. I've seen other lights swamp the IR from the TV remote in some instances.

I presume you can turn the TV on and off fine by pushing the buttons directly on the set?

Is this the remote that came with the TV (and not one from a satellite dish box or such)?

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Remotes usually use infrared light, and aren't affected by electrical interference.

Try adjusting (or turning off) the room lighting. Compact fluorescent lamps especially can sometimes play hob with remotes.

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Rather than a problem with the remote, I would suspect a voltage or contact problem with the outlet in the MBR.
Does the outlet 'feel' solid when inserting and removing plugs?
Have you tried anything else in that receptacle?
Do you have a meter to test the voltage with?

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Brilliant insight! I had assumed that he had tried to turn it on without the remote to confirm he had power, but there is no specific mention of that. Maybe the rest of us have been running down the wrong path. Hopefully, the OP will let us know whether he can confirm power from that receptacle.

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