Problems with Loewen Windows and Doors

plnj89April 22, 2007

Has anyone experienced problems with Loewen Windows and Doors?

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YES!!!!! Oh my GOODNESS!!! We purchase 48 windows and three doors from Loewen. Our home is off grid and we wanted a good window. I researched and researched and found Loewen to have the best reputation.
We installed out windows and doors and the next day the doors were leaking and the paint started to peel form the windows when we took the tape off. We waited to see if perhaps it was because the trim and siding was not on the exterior of the doors, nope, still leaked. We make sure the doors were plumb, yes, they were plumb.
On our big door unit you can actually SEE the outside. According to our dealer Loewen is AWARE of the leaking door situation. The dealer came out to look at the doors and said they are NOT true and plumb. We said its because the doors have WARPED becasue of all the water leaking in. Customer service will NOT send us the part we knee to fix the doors because according to our dealer the doors are/were not installed correctly. Loewen customer service will only send us the part if we de-install then re-install the doors then have the dealer come out to make sure they are true and plumb. THEN make sure they are STILL LEAKING. THEN and ONLY then will they send us the part.
The paint peeling from the windows was addressed and we haven't heard a hoot from the gentleman from Loewen who is supposed to fix them.
Needless to say my husband and I are more than angry at Loewen. We spent five figures on these windows and doors and they are CRAP. If you want more opinions go to There you will also see some other customers with similar problems.
My advice go with another window company. Loewen is all talk.

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Wow. I'm really curious if the problems have been resolved yet. We have just put our house project out to bid and were very interested in using Loewen. How many of the windows and doors were problematic? Was the problem specific to a certain size window? Were these wood on the inside and metal clad on the outside? What part of the country are you in? What is the part that can remedy the leaking door? I would really appreciate a reply as we may have to consider alternatives. Thanks.

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I think if you buy the Loewens and are not having "lizareno" and her husband doing the installation, things will be just fine. :^)


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For anyone considering Loewen: We installed about 40 custom Loewen windows and doors when we renovated our home over 10 years ago. We had a significant problem with the company sending the wrong windows and doors, but once the right ones were provided (all at their cost), they installed easily and have performed perfectly since then. My advice is to go with Loewen, but be very specific with your order.

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I USED to like my Loewin windows and doors...that is until the parts started breaking. Such as the crank shaft mechanism on my casements. We very rarely open our windows but four of the ones we do open occasionally have busted cranking gears. To get them replaced is a whopping $147 each!!! What a blatant ripoff. So, look at how much money it is to get replacement parts. I am very, very disappointed.

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We had loewen windows and doors installed in our new home 15 years ago. The doors have been a problem since day 1. Initially the factory blamed the installation by the builder so they came out and readjusted each door - 3 patio sliders and 2 man doors. From that time on every patio door leaked water and/or snow with each storm and the man doors wont close properly. Also the rubber seals on the doors sweeps loose the rubber seals prematurely and it cost $45 for a plastic replacement that would cost $20 for a normal manufacturer. The casement windows don't close properly as the one crank on the bottom causes them to close unevenly and the plastic latch breaks when you try to pull them in with it. The latch now cost $75. So I would not recommend loewen due to poor fit and expensive replacement parts.

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I installed Loewen windows and doors throughout my new home in Georgia 8 years ago and have never had a problem of any kind. As a designer and builder I think they are the best windows and doors available for the money. The problems mentioned in the above posts sound like 99% installation issues. I cannot say enough good things about Loewen!

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