My Afternoon Adventure

rchoveyJuly 11, 2008


Let me share my adventure with you..... I went out to check the garden to see how much damage the groundhog had done today.... luckily he hadn't dug another hole under the fence...yet. Picked a few peppers and cucumbers, walked back to the house, up the the top of the steps I was almost face to face with this guy sitting in the tree just outside my front door:

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Let this was supposed to be on the Off Topic side..sorry, thought I was there!

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OMG....AWESOME....did you have to change your clothes? Wow...where do you live????? WOW

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Can't let this one die...I think I would actually die if I saw a bear on my porch......OMG! great pictures! did you take them from inside the house....I hope! I'd never be able to feed birds again!LOL!!

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Oh my goodness,I'd had to change my pant's for sure!!My friend in Colo. rad one come in her kitchen last year while she was asleep and take cookies she had baked,she lives alone.I would die but how awesome to see something like that.I only have rattle snakes!!

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I sometimes check the conversation side but am really glad you accidentally posted this here so I didn't miss it. What wonderful photos! And where's that young bear's mama? YIKES!

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