Help! Looking for mid priced vinyl windows for sun porch-

LJZ14April 24, 2013

We are replacing Jalousy windows on 3 season sunporch. I think we have decided casement give us best visibility and most air movement. We want to make this room more usable with windows to keep out cold, but since it not heated anyway, insulation does not have to be top notch- nor do want to pay top dollar. We are in Midwest, and our room has all exposures but north. Have 9 windows-36 x 54" plus door.
Have read many of forum discussions, and become more confused, though also very informative. Have had quotes from installers- too high for our sunporch budget, and have prices from Big Box stores.. Can anyone suggest midgrade vinyl, white, that are not junk and perhaps offer some UV protection. My husband has decided to install these- has done before. Would not want him to do install in our home, but sunporch .... Okay.
Please help if you can! Thanks much!

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Ply-Gem would be a good and easy to find since it is available from Lowes.The other name brands such as Soft-lite, Sunrise,Simonton, Polaris would be good as well but can be more difficult to find for a homeowner.

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Thanks for input Toddinmn for your input! Will check out PlyGem, but did look yesterday at Certainteed , Simonton and Lindsay windows at local dealer. Lindsay Pinnacle seemed very nice, having good glass as well as decent frame and warranty. Locally made and best price so far. If you or anyone has experience with these, please let me know. Still trying to be sure casement are our best option. Thanks! Will be so good to get this decision made!

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Lindsay offers the Earthwise window which is pretty solid. I'd probably prefer it over the others that you have listed.
How is this room used? IE, is it conditioned year round, do you run AC in summer, etc. The reason that I ask is the 366 glass is not the best choice for most climates other than those that are hot and sunny. That said, if you do not heat the room during winter and you do cool it in summer, it would be a good choice. Alternatively, if you do heat it, you are better off with a 272 which I'm sure that they offer, if not even a 180 in the event that you typically keep the room "open-air" during the summer months.
The reasoning behind my recommendation is that those glass packages will offer major variances in solar heat gain, so you should really customize that choice to how you use the room.

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