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rinahenApril 18, 2011

Thank you to those who have responded to my prior posts.... regarding windows for our 1950s ranch style home ... We have selected all the windows (replacement) for our home, but am stuck on our front picture window grouping ... which is sort of a focal point for our home.... see attached photo.... All of the windows will be double hung, with grids.... clear glass, with low e... will replace the picture window, with another replacement picture window glass, but am having trouble deciding on the two windows that flank the picture window... want to keep the grid pattern going on those two, but am considering 1) casements with 8 panes 2) double hung with 8 panes or 3) casement with 10 panes... see photo. Am wanting to keep uniformity with the pane shape and size as much as possible with the other front house windows... was considering the casement for two reasons ... 1) more ventilation since pic window won't open 3) avoid a horozontial bar in those front windows (with double-hung) .... do you think it matters? I think I'm over analyzing ... but want to make the right decision. Don't know if it matters if I go with the casements on just these two windows.... I want a nice aesthetically pleasing look on the front of the house.... let me know what you think.

P.S. _ I'm going to follow up with another post right after this, so I can post a photo from the inside of the house... does anyone know if you can post two pics in one post?

Confused in Florida

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Most manufacturers are pretty good at matching the vertical and horizontal grids to give the best match when you place your order. Largely the pattern depends on the different sizes and styles. I would just decide what style you like the best and let the factory do the matching for you.

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