stopping and starting on a mosaic project

deedlesmomJuly 15, 2008

I want to mosaic a ceramic vase with the odds and ends I am finding on our property. I have broken glass, a child's spoon, a glass top to a jar, etc. But I don't have enough to fill the vase yet. So if I start putting adhesive on the outside to stick things to it and I stop, will the adjoining adhesive stick to eachother or look like he!! when I start up again?

TIA, Sheree

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Do it at your own pace. Put the adhesive on the pieces and stick them to the vase. I have a lot of wip and they will be okay.

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Thank goodness we can do it this way huh Flag?
Soooo many wips, so little time.

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Hey, DEEDLES - been missing you. Check around your kitchen (dishes not used often), in the garage, in your junk draw, in your sewing room/basket for tesserae. Remember bottles are glass - check out a nearby bar for their bottles/caps.

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Thanks for the ideas Slow, but I'm purposely only collecting what I find on our 2 acres. I need a metal detector too!!! I found some really cool melted glass last year in what was a burn pit many years ago. My house was built in 1929, so there was an outhouse too!!! Ewww!!!! Just about everytime my DH roto-tills the garden, things come up. So my canning jar is starting to fill up. ;)

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