touch switch replacement

stanjJanuary 27, 2012

I am looking for a solution for a switch for an entertainment center.

I own a Southfield 4 pc Entertainment center.

It has the two end units with the fans and lights.

The fans and lights (3 level � low, med, high) for both end units are controlled from the left end unit by touching the upper hinge on the left end unit.

There is a small wire going from the hinge up to a small control box that controls the fans and lights.

I have photos of the switch loaded at

The other day, the light on the right end unit was not working.

I checked to see if it needed tightening and it popped. I unplugged the control box for the light/fans and replaced the bulb.

I plugged it backing and the lights work but I the fan and light stay on at the high level.

Touching the upper hinge on the left end unit no longer works.

Is it possible that something on the control box with the wire leading to the hinge shorted?

How would I replace the control box to get the touch switch to work again (operating the three speed fan/light?

Is there a part number or vendor anyone knows I can contact or find other information about the light/fan touch control?

Thanks for any help

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Do a search on 'touch switch' and start reviewing.

There are a number of them available, with many different features.

You could look on and in the "control box" for a manufacturer's logo.

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I tried contacting the manufacturer of the entertainment center, but did not get a response.
I will try to see if I can find the control box manufacturer..


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Touch switches are a 'commodity' type device.

There are numerous makers, none of whom are probably interested in even talking unless you want to buy 10,000 pieces.

If you search on the makers name you might find someone who sells the part at retail.

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no luck with any info on the control box..

don't know who makes it,,

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