window grilles - inside the glass or out???

sugar_maple_30April 24, 2010

My current windows are wood with grilles exterior to the glass panes. I'm trying to decide if I should replace them with the same, I think they're called colonial lites, or get them with the grilles actually inside the glass. These are less expensive, but I don't want to look as if I've cheaped out, but I don't want to spend money I don't need to.

Not being a window expert, or actually having much interest in them (lol), is it worth the extra to have the grilles exterior?


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I think the interior grilles look cheap - builders grade. I would have the grilles on the exterior. I always notice windows in houses though - and think a cheap looking window can ruin a nice looking house!

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Thanks. That's just what I wanted to know. Exterior grilles it is, then!

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Don't do it! We have them, built 6 years ago, hubby insisted on inside wood grilles, they look great (alder and cherry inside, alum outside), but what a pain to clean! If you pay to have a window cleaner do it, they charge a full window for each panel! If I was to do it over, I would skip the panels altogether and just have plain glass. Plus, the separate panels ruin our view.

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I think the between the glass grills look cheap too...they look like what vinyl replacement windows would have.

My wife said the same thing that sandb said regarding it being a pain to clean the windows. I figure if you have separate pains now and you have been cleaning them then there is going to be no difference in amount of time to clean.

I am going to go for the SDL (real look grills) on the front of my house and then no grills on the sides and back.


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Interior Removable - least expensive - can be attractive
Between Glass - mid-range cost - least attractive
Simulated Divided Light - most expensive - most attractive

If you opt for Interior Removable, look for a system with a metal skeleton running through the wood, and ideally a steel catch, not plastic.

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I think between the glass is the easiest to clean and doesn't look cheap to me. There are many homes around here that have these and none of them would be considered cheap.

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