First Light Block

cindilooJuly 3, 2008

Except for needing the actual lights inside and a frame around is my first light block:

This pic really shows that shiny grout sealer! It's really not as garrish in person.

Tried to get as much sun behind it to get an idea of what it will look like

with real lights in it!

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That is really beautiful Cindiloo. I love your color choices and how the cardinal really stands out from the background. I will have to try a lightblock soon.

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CIndi, I love your cardinal ligthblock. MY MIL loves those , maybe I finally came up with a good bday present. Thanks!!

Great cutting, did you use your ring saw??? You did a great job and i love the flower too. So these are those light blocks people make showers and windows out of??? Great idea

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Thanks serene and mermaid!
I cut these out by hand...and the grinder got a good workout! I got the idea by seeing the lovely lights that becky makes. Here is a link to her last ones. I really like how she uses up her scraps for the back. Do a search here and look for the ones that she made with the nice frames. She really does beautiful work!

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This is beautiful! Your cutting is fantastic. I feel the need to go buy some glass blocks right now. Man, I sure hope Lowes is open tomorrow. Hubby and I are gonna have to make a run there. Of course he will just say that i need to finish the projects that I have already started, but that is another story.

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mmmmmmm. too pretty

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What a saucy little cardinal! Beautiful work - such a happy little piece. Did you put a hole underneath for the light cord? What kind of frame, and where w/you use this? Gonna have to look at those too.

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Love this............!

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Beautiful! Cardinals are my very favorite!
You bet Lowes is open. My husband works for Home Depot and they are all open today!

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Thank you all for all the nice comments! You're the greatest!
SLOW...I put the hole in the back near the bottom. Used a regular drill with a 1/2" glass bit. Takes forever cuz I have to recharge my wimpy girl drill battery before I get all the way through!
I'm not sure what the frame will be like....I'm hoping like the one Becky's friend makes for her. I gave the guy at work a picture. Have big lofty plans of making a lot of these and selling them at the xmas bazaar. We'll see....

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