mom2emallJuly 15, 2009

I have not posted a lot on here lately because things here have been running pretty smoothly. The kids are all great and finishing up swim team season. We recently got back from a wonderful vacation.

BM has not bothered anyone in months and I think it is helping the kids that she is staying away. They have been happy and enjoying their summer without her occasional calls and empty promises.

Today my dh took the day off work because we have no children till tomorrow! My son is with his dad, my sd's are with friends, and so we sent my ss to one of my siblings houses to stay over there and play with his cousins. So today will be like a date! I almost forgot what one of those are! LOL

How are you all doing??

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Hey there! Thats awesome everything is going well. What happened with the neighbor situation? Mine (dont know if you remember) is progressively getting worse and I'm looking at moving. Just what I needed in this economy, sigh.

Have fun on your day off :)

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Yeash Nivea. My neighbor situation is getting worse too. WTF is it with crazy people? Why can't we just live and let live?

1. Their animals: barking dogs and peeing cats
2. their loud, obnoxious fights at all hours of the day
3. their screaming drunkenly at each other in the street
4. peeling out in the car after
5. Kids screaming


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Mom, glad everything is going well

Others -- sorry about neighbor situaitons.

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Oh that just sounds fun, Silversword. Yuck. Too bad we cant put all the bad neighbors together in one neighborhood.

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No kidding. Call it "Crazy Acres" :)

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SD has been gone all summer and only comes around on the weekends and because of the 4th of July weekend, we went 3 weeks without a visit. She was more pleasant last weekend, maybe because she realizes her mom is backing down from the custody battle. (BM still hasn't set up the evaluation and SD has spent most of the summer with grandma and mom's BF's parents.. very little time with BM) But, overall summer has been drama free, except the obvious online drama. (Fortunately, I don't have close neighbors to annoy me)

Today is my first day off in weeks. I changed my email from private to public so anyone that wants can contact me to chat...

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