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mike_kaiser_gwJanuary 2, 2010

I stumbled upon an advertisement for basement remodeling and the price seemed awfully low so I took a look at the guy's website and found these pictures. Anybody see anything amiss?

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The craigslist adds with pictures are often hilarious. Surprised he bothered with conduit since he doesn't know how to install it (even if it is required in that location). Around my location a lot of the chucks in a truck finish basements with no or only 1 or 2 outlets. "Customer says they only need 2 plugs"

The other day on an audio video job for a basement finish (homeowner said my "contractor" handles the electric) The geniuses were able to wire the microwave, counter receptacles, fridge, pendants and cans, all conveniently getting power from tapping into a keyless from the storage room. As the "contractor" told his helper, "Run that feed over to the light in the storage room where we'll rob power" Idiots like that drive me nuts and I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut cause I'm just doing the A/V (even though my business is really is electrical and I'm a master electrician). I'm about ready to call things I see like that into the city and bust the whole permit-less remodel. Then the "chuck" can run the 4-5 circuits he's supposed to run and redo all the other mistakes and spend an extra $1000 on what he put in his bid as $150 for electrical work.

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Ron Natalie

I hope he puts the cover back on the panel before they put the drywall in.
I wonder where that thing went?

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what's he doing using all the crap out of his conduit bone yard to finish basements?

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GC:-You got a level?
Apprentice: I thought you had one!

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Ron Natalie

Doesn't look like he's put any wire in it yet. It'd be fun watching that project.

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It's supposedly a completed project. There are other photos including one of a GFCI in a bathroom that he says is "required by the National Electric Code."

I'll acknowledge that bending conduit neatly isn't the easiest thing to do and is definitely a skill that requires some practice. I'd go through 10 sticks before I'd hang something that looks that bad. The piece to the right, coming out of the 4" box looks like he bent it over his knee. Not to mention it looks like he's got it running between the foam and the stud so I have no idea how he's planning on securing it.

This guy claims he's finishing basements for $16 per SF (not including flooring or bathrooms). It seems that barely covers materials so I guess he can't afford to rebend anything.

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