replacing cords on Anderson double hung windows

missy_d1April 23, 2006

I have Anderson double hung windows that are origional to my home built in 1979. I need to replace some broken cords (the ones that keep the window open)All the information online is for windows that have a wooden parts that one would pry off and then take out the sash. My windows have a jamb that is all one piece vinyl with nothing that could be removed to take out the sash (I hope I an explaining this correctly) Can anyone give me quick instructions on how to do this or know of where online there might be instrustions for this?

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I've done it in the past and it's not much fun. The cords are under tension and if you happen to let one go and it goes back into the mechanisim, your going to buy a new one because it's gone for good. I use to have a procedure from andersen to get the vinyl loose. But since we have moved I don't have a clue where it is.You pop one side of the vinyl off that is made to pop off and remove the top piece. the sash cord mechanisims are inset under that.

Check the link below for a contact # and they can email you instructions

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to andersen windows

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call 1-888-888-7020 for customer service

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The process isn't too hard. The left side (from the inside) vinyl jamb liner is actually 2 pieces. Raise the lower sash, remove the screws in the liner and the liner will pop out. Lower the sash, then swing it in to remove it from the liner. The cords can then be removed from the sash. Do the same for the upper sash, then you can remove the head jamb liner at the top. Once that is removed, you'll see the metal boxes that the cords go in to. Unscrew them to remove them. When you call the supplier where you buy your Andersen parts, you'll want to give them the measurement of the visible glass on the sash, so they can match it to the correct unit in the parts catalog. (Do this before taking stuff apart, in case they have to order them from the factory.) Tell them you need the balance boxes for a Narrowline double hung. To install, just reverse the above.
A word of caution: some older units have brittle jamb liners, and you may want to replace them as well. There not very expensive, and it beats not having them when the old one breaks.
You can find a dealer close to you by using the dealer locator on the Andersen website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andersen Windows

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Thanks for the good advise on how to do this. My son and I managed to accomplish this repair without too much difficulty. I did crack one of the jamb liners a little but it still functions. Thanks again

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If the liner cracked to the outside, you'll want to replace it before water finds it's way into the crack. That can lead to rot, and major repairs.
Good to hear the project went well!!

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I found this old thread and was able to fix one of my Anderson windows. It is pretty straightforward, and the people at Anderson are pretty helpful.

One note, is that the jamb liners have splines on the back. They make a very tight fit into the window casing. When re-installing them, use a hammer and a small block of soft wood to tap them tight into the window casing. I'm just saying this because if you drop and break one of your sashes trying to figure this out, you'll be out another couple hundred bucks.

I also put paste wax on everything that slides. Can't hurt.

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Can the cords just be replaced without replacing the entire mechanism? It seems that finding the parts and ordering them is more trouble than it's worth. I can't even find someone to make this repair for me.

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spring loaded in a metal box, with different tension springs depending on the size of the window(weight of the sash. So to answer your question no they cannot be repaired or replaced with out the entire "mechanism"

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I did replace the cords without buying the whole unit successfully. I measured the old cord, cut a replacement, re-wond the spring and held it in place by drilling a tiny hole through the plastic wheel and outer case(then held the wond spring and wheel in place by inserting a small screwdriver though the hole drilled in wheel and outer case), simply installed the string around the wheel, installed the plastic piece that goes into the window on the string and slowly released the tension from the wond wheel. After that I did install 1 small rivet to secure the cover to the case because you have to pry the unit apart for this procedure. All said- under $2 invested and about
20 minutes of work for both sides. Still works fine with no issues.

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glad that this worked for you as I have never heard of anyone doing this before.

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Dan, I'm going to at least try the rebuild approach! So far, I have the box open. How did you judge the right spring tension for the 'empty' wheel? Did you wind up it to look roughly like the remaining good one, THEN install all of the new length of cord on the wheel, then release the tension? How did you control for Slow release with all that tension in the wound up wheel?

For cord, I have slightly thinner tension cord from recovered discarded sash tracks. I couldnt' find real cord anywhere at retail. The right diameter is all mason cord with no load specs at all!

thanks for any pointers!!


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The balance boxes are probably less than $15.00 each. Careful on the string you use from what i remember it was pretty strong string. And if the string breaks you will probably break the vinyl head piece and then you will be replacing that as well!

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I agree. Must have tension cord and work carefully.

Actually, the cost is 30 plus shipping = 38. That's Plan B!

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I was just on the phone with Anderson and ordered 4 of these balance boxes for $92 - cheaper than replacing a whole window, and I have 2 to repair. I was a little surprised to learn that these windows were made from 1962-70, so I really hope I have no trouble with the plastic liner.
Anyway, thanks for the helpful information!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Post up some pictures of the before, during and after process.

They will be helpful to future customers.

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