Wire 3-Way/4-Way Switchs with 14/2

hookoodookuJanuary 23, 2010

Is it against code to use a pair of 14/2 to wire 3-way/4-way switches?

Two ways to do this:

1. Simple run a pair of 14/2 together. Use the two blacks as the red/black of the 14/3, tie the two whites together for the white.

2. Run a loop of 14/2. One set of 14/2 connects all the 3-way/4-way switches together. The other 14/2 runs from the 3-way that recieves the power (connect ONLY the neutral) out to all the lights on the circuit and terminating at the other 3-way (where you connect ONLY the hot to the end of the 3-way).

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This is a violation of NEC 300.3(B).
The conductors of a circuit must be in the same raceway, conduit or cable.

If you need the text we can post it.

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wouldn't 300.3(B)(3) allow nonferrous wiring methods like NM when used with plastic boxes? while I prefer the use of three conductor cable, if run in close proximity to each other, I believe the use of two nm cables is code compliant.

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Persoanlly I don't think it applies. They specifically state that: "the conductors shall comply with the provisions of 300.20(B)"

300.20(B) specifically references "individual conductors".

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I don't believe 300.3(B)(3) would include the words cable and cords if it only applied to individual conductors. NM and plastic boxes would comply with 300.20(B) because it says where, and since we don't have any "where" single conductors pass through ferrous metals, we are by default already in compliance.

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If it is permitted it is definitely not permitted to double up or parallel the wires. Use them only as single wires.

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