shoe question

Louisiana_greetingsJuly 31, 2008

when you mosaic shoes, do you prep the shoe with something or just start with glue or thin set or what? these shoes are not leather, they are like a velour or something.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am doing one for an exchange on the Yahoo forum and those guys and I wrapped the shoe with rigid wrap, which is plaster impregnated cheesecloth available at Hobby Lobby I did two layers on mine prior to mosaicing. I will look for the link with instructions and post it.

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My last one - after the two layers of rigid wrap, I gave it a coat of plaster and then a coat of gesso. IF I ever do another one, I'll apply the rigid wrap and then a coat of thinset.

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Bonnie- Check your email...this forum would not let me post a link from the other forum here.

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Hi There,

I am involved in the swap on the yahoo group too. I found plaster impregnated bandages on Dick Blick for about 1/3 the price of the Rigid Wrap that they also had.

The shoe is very hard now, and I plan to just mosaic onto it as is. A thin coat of thinset would probably be a good idea, but I probably won't do it. No one in the group seemed to think it was super important, but they did think it would add durability.


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Lynne, I am doing mine right on the rigid wrap, no problem. it just takes a long time because you do a little and have to let it dry then do some more. Hard to

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I have filled my shoes with plaster to make them rigid.
Worked great for me.......but not for outside. My friend told me the one I made for her garden, is falling apart.
Otherwise...plaster seems to work fine for inside stuff!
Just fill the inside....and there is no outside smoothing,
just make it rigid!

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