changeing fuse box to circuit breaker box

squirlnutsJanuary 15, 2010

I have 200amp service coming in my home that has breakers. I also have a fuse box that supplies electical to part of the house their is a 100amp breaker in the main service box that runs to the fuse box.the main fuses in the fuse box are 100amp fuses thir are two of these.can I change the fuse box with a circuit breaker box If I can do this what size box should I buy 110amp box or 200amp. thanks for any help

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Ron Natalie

It doesn't matter. You don't need a breaker in the subpanel (the one replacing the fusebox) at all. Anything 100A or more is legal, but the extra doesn't get you a nything.

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If they didn't do it at the upgrade to 200 amps. You will for sure now need to make sure the sub panel is fed with a 4-wire feed (2 hots, neutral, and a ground wire). The neutrals and grounds in the fuse box/ your new sub panel, have to be on separate terminal bars in this case.

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