Please help with rug size and color

mom2girls_2008August 26, 2012

We recently bought a vacation home in Florida and I am trying to make a million decorating decisions from afar. We have purchased furniture (pictured below) and I want to buy an area rug for the living room portion of the large open floor plan. The photo of the room is from the previous owners but is a good representation of the room. The wall where the entertainment center will be is 18' and we have approx 10" to where the back of the sofa should end. The room is painted in BM Jute with BM Simply White crown molding and trim. I will be using navy blue, cream and beige accents throughout. The home has white floor tile throughout.

I have lots of questions, but I'll just start with a few :)

What size area rug? 8x10 or 9x12

What do you think of this navy jute rug? - thinking there is so much white and off-white, I am considering this navy rug or the lighter blue one.

When I do buy an area rug for the dining area, does it have to be the same color as the living area?

Thank you all so much for your help. I am grateful for any and all suggestions.

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Is this a vacation home that you will rent out, or is it just for you? That affects the kind of rug I'd suggest.

About the jute rug ... Do you like the way jute feels? I'm guessing you will spend a fair bit of time barefoot so that's important. I find jute to be kind of scratchy and it limits how much time I'd spend on the floor, that's something to consider is how you use the space (sitting on furniture or playing with pets or kids on the floor).

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Thanks EngineerChic... I am happy to say that we will not be renting it and hope to spend several weeks throughout the year there until my husband retires and then perhaps a few months each year. Not sure how I feel about jute but I did order a small 2x3 sample to my permanent home so I can see how it feels before I order the larger size. I did neglect to say that there will also be a loveseat in the same color (creamy white) as the sofa. And the entertainment center is just under 10' long and 22" deep.

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bump.... any suggestions?

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