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Louisiana_greetingsJuly 9, 2008

I think that is the coolest thing since peanut butter and jelly!!!!

Those are some of the neatest creations I've ever seen, they are too cute.

I would love to be included, if ya'll ever do this again.

I also think the little get together ya'll had was nice, it's great to meet people that still have enough trust in people to be able to do these kind of get togethers.

OH, I didn't post this in the other post cuz , it used to be after 100, ya had to start another post and I didn't want to use up your space.


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Thanks I'm craving a pb&j sandwich!
This is my second exchange and it is a LOT of fun!
I'm sure there'll be another one soon and we would LOVE to have you participate!

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thanks. Hope you can join in next time!!

Don't worry about using our space, these exchanges usually go over the limit and we just start " part 2"

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Oh Louisiana, you are just such a sweety!!!! I sat this one out but will get in the next round! You can even suggest a theme if you like! I suggested mosaicing a frying pan challenge and we did it, and boy, You never saw anything like those frypans! It seems like Everyone who comes to my home comments on the gorgeous frypan I have proudly displayed on my wall, that SquirrellyCanadian made me!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Love the frying pan. i have no clues for next exchange, well maybe just a small clue :-) i have mosaiced a few gourds and they would be very light in wieght as far as shipping cost, but some people might not have access to them, i think most farmers markets have them.

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That's a good idea...I can be on the lookout for one. Maybe this is what I need to get going again...a gift exchange...or maybe we could just do something all alike and post the pics...a POTM.(Project of the month)Anybody wanna build a brick pond and mosaic it???heh heh!

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Well, my suggestion for one in the future would be a birdhouse....but you know me and birdhouses. LOL

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