source for replacement glass door insert

shadygroveApril 4, 2011

Good morning. My front door was, I'm thinking, purchased from Lowe's about fifteen years ago and its of the type that one sees everywhere in modest homes such as mine--wood door with an inset oval of frosted glass, frequently worked to suggest leading. I would like to replace this oval with a completely plain piece of heavy frosted glass, but my local glass repair shop feels that they can't cut the shape and there is no replacement available from Lowe's. There is no mark on the door to suggest its manufacturer.

Does anyone know of a source online for this type of thing? I have looked but come up empty-handed.

Any help at making my front door look less like an invitation to Miss Kitty's Saloon and more like a plain heavy wooden front door is appreciated. Thanks.

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Open the there any writing on the hinges?

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Aha, Jocobe...aren't you clever! Yes, it says Hager on the brass hinges. I will see if that means anything to the World Wide Web. Thanks very much.

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Hager is the hardware company that made the hinges nothing at all to do with the manufacturer of the door.

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Look for a sticker on the jamb, etching on the glass, sticker on the head jamb/rail, etc.

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Yes, I determined that about Hager--thanks. I can't find another durn thing written on this door, hence my question as to any sources that make replacement panels in general, but I thank everyone for their suggestions.

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Can you remove the glass without breaking it?

Take it out and find a better equipped glass shop.

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If there is a metal spacer bar, between the glass, sometimes the manufacturer's name will be there in small print or possibly a label.

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I shall probably attempt the gentle but purposeful tapping with a rubber mallet that you suggest, Brickeyee, after calling around to other shops.....I wonder whether a manufacturer's name could be on the underside of the door....I'll keep looking.

I can't be the only person who has wanted to change out their glass insert rather than sacrificing the whole door, which in my case is a perfectly okay piece of heavy wood and not otherwise landfill-ready. Seems like a business that ought to exist somewhere.


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I doubt you will find the manufacturer anywhere on the door. But any quality glass shop should be able to make you a template and order glass, the mouldings or stop should be reusable if they are removed carefully

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