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eaglemom100April 9, 2010

I've finally got a window quote and company I feel totally comfortable with. In my master bath room I have two small skinny windows over the tub. I'm having them take them out and put in one big picture window. My question is should I really be brave and do regular clear glass or the safe bet and do rain glass? My yard is private but yes I'll have to have something to cover the window I know. I like the idea of openness the clear glass would provide. Have a lost my mind?

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If you have blinds or some sort of covering, you will likely be fine.

More light with the clear glass.

Make sure the window is specified as tempered.

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Thx I believe it is but will make certain to have that on contract.

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I'm having my windows replaced and it was suggested that I do the textured glass on the three picture windows that go around the tub. His idea was that way it would let in the light during the day.

Another contractor thought this wasn't a good idea because you would never have the option to look out the window. I thought from a future resale standpoint it probably made more sense to leave the windows clear. I decided to leave mine clear. You could always do motorized blinds. I'm also just texturizing the bottom part of the window that is in the toilet area.

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You know I was loving my clear glass decision until a neighbor had to butt in with his opinion and now I'm second guessing myself. I hate when I do that. I'm 89% sure I want the clear - I'll do blinds of some kind and want to be able to have a view. Also from the back of the house two windows will be picture windows (study and master bath) and two will be regular sized windows in the living room. I like that visually. Thanks guys. Silly neighbor!

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