double hung window won't stay up

jrschmidtApril 21, 2010

Hi All,

I hope you can help. I have a double hung window that won't stay up. The tension string goes up into the top of the casing. I removed 2 screws wich allows the vinyl to be pulled out of the way. There are 2 tensioning devices, rectangular steel, stapled into the wood. I can only see the steel plate not the springs etc. Has anyone seen this? If so, how do I fix this... with a stick to hold the window open? :)



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You need to remove the balance assembly and either change out the string or replace the balance assembly altogether.

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From the description it sounds like an Andersen window. Is there a logo etched in the corner of the glass? If so call Andersen or search it out on the web they are fairly easy to replace but you need the right balancer.

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Thanks for all your help.


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Definitely sounds like an Andersen window balance assembly.

Glass will usually have a serial number etched in it as well.

See if it is covered under warranty.

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