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texasfernJuly 18, 2008

I went ahead and started a new thread to keep it easy.

That works, right?

Anyway, so far, so good.

It has gotten a little busy, but I am just goin with the flow.

I still have the sides to do, just keeping the mirrors clean is a chore!

I painted the violin with glossy black spray paint.

Used Weldbond, diluted in a squirt bottle for the bead grout. Put a little in the spot, put in the beads, then more on top.

Slow, I would have used the black silicone, but I have to use what I have on hand at the moment.

My son says that it is very 80's, that means he likes it.

I tried to keep the beading kind of thin, left the cracked areas in the mirrors just because I like the look.

I may try to seal it all in something, but I have never done that and would hate to ruin this piece.

I'm only going to post one picture with the addy for the album since I don't know how to do that thumbnail thingy that you click on for a bigger pic.

Geez, too much coffee this morn.!

Here is a link that might be useful: Violin WIP

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TX - that is downright spectacular. Doncha just LOVE this??? IMO - there's so little grout, I see no need to seal it. FYI for future projects such as this: When I took Laurie Mika's workshop a couple yrs. ago, she taught us to use Aleen's Paper Glaze for applying teensy beads in the crevices - squeeze and drop the beads. It has a thin nozzle for getting into those tiny spots. You've done a beautiful job on this. Anxious to see more of your work now that you've gotten the buzz back. The beads make this peace wonderful, as well as the larger pieces glued on after the fact. How/where w/you use this piece? and what's next.

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Wow! This is soooo COOL! What a labor of love and it shows!
I really like it! GREAT job!!

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Wow Pat, I love this. it's beautiful. I'm just getting back to reading so Imissed the other thread, this is a real violin?? Too cool, it turned out so cool. I love the look, you really did great, going back to look at it again... great job

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This is incredible!! the beaded grout is especially elegant. Wow! Love it.

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The beaded grout is awesome. Looks fantastic!!

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This turned out so well, you can be proud of this one that's for sure!!!

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this is beautiful texas! you must be so proud of this work!

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Beautiful I love the big pieces of mirror ,awesome job.I used what Slow is talking about on one of my cross's I did with seed beads worked great.

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