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uncbimApril 11, 2010

Is anyone familiar with the Alside UltraMaxx window? We had a sales guy over and he said they are the best windows. However, when I google them it seems some people have had problems. Some say it may have been the installation. Although another person was having draft issues with only a couple of windows and Alside customer service said their expectations were too high. My expectations will be high if I am buying the "best" window out there.

They priced $17000 for 23 windows. (no-grids)This is supposed to be a special deal. The windows will have the Climatech Low-E/Argon rating of .30 and a SHGC rating of .28. They claim to be able to replace everything in one day.

Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Poorly designed window and the price you got is almost laughable. There are many brands out there that outperform the Ultramaxx that can be purchased and installed for around $500-$650 per window.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

You are definitely not buying the "best" window in your choice as it stands.

The only think factual about that quote is that the work should be done in one day.

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I have been in the window business for over 20 years. In my opinion, Alside is indeed one of the best vinyl windows. With regards to your comment about them being "the best" windows, in actuality, the "best" window is not a vinyl window. For the price you were quoted we could be close to the cost of an aluminum clad wood window which are the Rolls Royce of the window industry. Even the best vinyl, if there is a best, is a Kia in comparative terms. That said, we also furnish and install windows and doors both residentially and commercially on projects up to 1m in value. To do the install correctly, it would take a crew of two guys two days to do this job.

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mjdiste...Alside is "one of the best vinyl windows"...?

No offense, but that couldn't be farther from the truth and it brings a cloud of doubt to anything else that you say.

Best vinyl is a Kia...? More unsupported claims that you can't back up.

If you are going to post up and answer consumers questions, why not have a grasp on what is accurate before you answer people.

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Anyone who has been in the business for 20 years and thinks Alside makes one of the best windows, has had 20 years of very limited comparative experience.

When comparing anything Alside makes to the offerings from Gorell, Okna, Softlite, Great Lakes, etc and one will quickly conclude that Alside is the Chevrolet of vinyl windows. Not a bad product but, it certainly doesn't stand out in any significant catagory

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Whoa....I am a Chevy man Sky.

Have you seen the ZR1....ridiculous performance at that price point.

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Not knocking Chevy. I've had a few Corvettes. Even had a sweet 69 SS. Just saying that Chevy isn't considered a top of the line brand even by GM. If someone made the claim that Chevrolet made one of the best cars availble, most would take issue with that statement. Especially given Chervolets history for the last 35 years.

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I saw the excalibur as well as the ultramaxx by alside, they looked very cheaply made and are considered low quality.

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Alside do NOT make quality windows. refer to other posts. they are poorly engineered and they look cheap. think of the cheap looking vinyl windows you see at home depot or lowes,thats kind of what an alside window will look like.
pella vinyl windows and andersen vinyl windows(american craftsman or silverline) are amongst the worst in the industry. thats exactly what lowes and home depot sell. Xact is on that poor quality list as well. Xact is also under a brand called "cutting edge". they are made by MI Windows and i would stay away from them unless you are flipping a house.
there are some very high quality vinyl window companies out there that are so much more efficient than your well known wood windows. all vinyl is NOT created equal so invest in quality. the cheap way is always much more expensive in the long run.

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