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malarkeyJuly 1, 2009

Hi , I'm new to the forum and mosaics too. I'm almost finished my third one. Here's a photo of the second one.

I've used the same technique on each. Tiling on 12.5 inch ceramic tiles then using screws and anchors to attach to the wall. I'd like suggestions of how I can do large art type works all in one piece. Thanks for looking.

Here is a link that might be useful: angels

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There is a product called Wemdiboard avail at it also comes with hangers and there is also a French cleat method. You can google it and learn about it. The wendiboard is lightweight and able to be used for large projects.
You work is beautiful and I welcome you to our forum and what we don't know we can direct you to it. I'm sure some of the others might have a better idea. Just MHO..good luck on your search and keep up the good work.Carol

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OHMYGOODNESS!!! I LOVE that. What a beautiful work of art. As well as the Weidi panels FLAG suggested, backerboard, or Hardibacker comes in 4'X8' sheets. I've bought smaller pieces of the Hardibacker at Lowes. They sell a tool for cutting it or you can use a box cutter knife. Welcome to the forum, and keep those pictures coming. Your work is BEAUTIFUL.

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your work is beautiful. are you gluing on the front or the back of the tiles? i have a 12.5 inch porceline tile i have been using when i paint small things. didnt think to use that something to mosaic on

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Beautiful stuff!
Hardibacker or wedi for sure...and a cleat to hang it is very secure and holds tons of weight.

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WOW What a beautiful picture. You have heard from the experts re hardi and wedi. It is the way to go for something like this. You may, if you want to, keep pix like this coming. Welcome to our sg forum.


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Thanks so much. Hardiboard sounds like what I want since the size I've been working with is just over 3 x 4 ft.
The angels were glued to the backside of the ceramic tile but this latest one I glued to the front using Titebond 3. While grouting I only had one little piece come loose and that was probably my fault not the glue. Gluing to the front was much much easier to keep level. Here is a composite picture of the newest one. I'll have a better picture when it's installed on the wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: waterfall

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Oh great, someone else to point out to me just how lazy I have become! LOL!
This is fantastic work Sandra.
Welcome to the group.
Looking forward to more great stuff from you!

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Welcome to Our Group, Love your work! Beautiful!!!!

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WOW! YOU are an ARTIST! Gorgeous! Personally I LIKE the composite look. Keep it going!

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My friend did an enormous mosaic directly onto a mirror. She had a glass company cut the mirror for her. It's about 6 feet long and 2.5 feet tall. She mosaiced a very wide border all the way around. Then her boyfriend hung the mirror on the wall with clips, three on the bottom edge and two on the top edge, and made sure they were screwed into a stud.

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just love your work !

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love the angels!!!

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Your work is very beautiful. I understand the desire to do larger pieces but also encourage you to consider the relative ease of transporting and exhibiting your composite pieces. I mean I hope you are planning to exhibit them!

You might also look into Ampersand archival panels. I get mine from Dick Blick (dot) com. They can be framed or left unframed. I use their "cradeled" 2" deep ones for 30" x 30" paintings and have used smaller ones for mosaic and they held up very well, and have had two gallery shows with the paintings so far and they hung easily and securely. Since they come in lots of configurations, you could continue your composite style when you chose, which I think is very effective - like looking through a window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ampersand panels

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Thank you all for the kind words. The french cleats look very promising. I believe they would work fine with MDF board which I can buy locally. Thank you Betty for the ideas , three long panels with an oriental crane looking design might be cool. I'm still stewing ideas for what I want to do next. Feels very odd not to have a project in the works after 8 months of working on the last two lol

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