Info on 'Serious Windows' CA ???

chipster_2007April 6, 2009

I just now came across a website for "Serious Windows" manufactured by Serious Materials, Sunnyvale, CA. Does anyone have any info/experience with these windows??? It sounds like a recent start up company so maybe their windows have not been around long enough to obtain any info on their durability. I could not find on their website any info re their proprietary "ecospacer" or how the window is constructed, their balance system or the glass they use. They do use xenon, krypton, argon, mix or air, depending on the type of window you buy. They claim their windows are 2-4x more energy efficient than any other window? Is that true? Would appreciate any info. Thanks

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I do know that their highest energy efficient window costs around $2k-3k per window. It's likely they just developed it for bragging rights. It is techically a 5 pane window. Serious just recently purchased Kensington windows. If that's what you saw, it's pretty decent window.

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Thanks Skydawggy for the info. With the few pictures/description that are available, they talk re a film. Is this another pane of glass or a artifical film used in place of a pane of glass to increase efficiency? Do you know anything else about the window ie spacer composition, balance system used, warranty,etc. It seems like an unheard of price for a window.

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I don't think they really expect to sell any. It's more for bragging rights and publicity. Even Obama visited one of their factories with a gaggle of reporters in tow. Not sure but the picture I viewed looked like 3 layers of mylar or some other synthetic material between 2 panes of glass. I don't really know much more than that.

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If you have them out to your house - please post something on cost and quality. I think is a good thing they have manufacture in multiple locations. I would not want my windows shipped from CA to VA. Rather they were made within driving distance in PA. I was sad to see the 725 series did not have between glass grills.

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The short answer to your question about their efficiency claims is simply "no".

They make an R-11 window that, as Skydawggy mentioned, is primarily a marketing piece. That window is so cost prohibitive that you would be better served investing the delta in a good double pane window in photovoltaic (solar) panels and you would net a shorter ROI.

Serious materials has benefited from what appears to be a very favorable position in this current administration. With visits from the VP, personal mentions from the President, Government dollars, high profile projects, and now visits from Gov. Swartzenegger, they are the darling of the window industry.

It is not too difficult to find the magic bullet as Serious hired a new COO as it was announced that the COO's wife was appointed to a prominent position in the Obama administration.

Their R-11 window is not their design as it is based on an Inline fiberglass pultrusion. The 5 layer glass is created by Cardinal if I am not mistaken either.

Nothing like politics in energy matters as well.

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You are right skydawg it is a mylar film. It is the heat mirrow product produced by southwall technologies. I just toured one of their plants last week. It is an impressive window made of inline fiberglass and one to several layers of heat mirror film. They do sell the high end window to high end homes but how many is anyones guess. I hope to install a project as soon as I can to give it a go. They are just gearing up for the replacement business so not much info yet on warrenty, balance system and etc. If I can close this deal I will try and post what I learn after the installation. BTW their current lead time is 6 to 8 weeks to get the window.

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Really? Why is it spam? I think I answered the question. I sell multiple brands of windows and all of them play their own role in the market. This question was about Serious and I answered it from my experience. I don't to my knowledge live by anyone in this post. I'm not trying to sell anyone on here a thing. It's an honest answer to the question.

If anyone wants to throw out another brand that can compete based on performance I would love to see it. As the market that uses these windows is a large part of my business. Yes it is an Inline pultrusion used for all of their fiberglass windows. Just like vinyl extrusions are made by Royal, Veka, etc.....

I would say if you don't want to hear about Serious Windows don't read a blog post that has the heading "Info on 'Serious Windows' CA!!!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

There are plenty of windows on the market that have similar performance number in terms of thermal performance. The higher SHGC option that Serious sells is a nice option for those homes that are designed around that principle.

For most homeowners, they would be much better suited to spend less than half what that window would cost them and invest in insulation, air sealing, and other upgrades prior to trying to make their home passive solar.

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I agree. The Serious Window isn't worth the money if you aren't designing the home around passive solar principles. Which is why I say every window has it's place in the market. My point is that there isn't any American made windows that have the combination of performance that Serious has. To say that there are plenty of other windows with the same performance is really not true. There are plenty of windows that have low u-values like Serious. This is good enough for a lot of people but not all.

I would also like people to also get away from vinyl. If you are at all enviromentally conscious don't purchase vinyl. There are plenty of options out there in various brands that aren't. The Andersen 100 series is a great window that was made to compete with vinyl and it's an outstanding option. It is also great that Marvin has come out with Tri-Pane to give another option. Now if they would just put it in the Integrity product that would be a great option. The best advice anyone can give is to establish the intent of your purchase before you shop price. You don't want to buy more than you need or less. Just get the window that fits your own individual needs.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The heat mirror film package that Serious uses is a nice option for low U-Factor and high SHGC.

Notice that I said "thermal" performance. In that case, there are quite a few windows that have comparable thermal numbers and better in several cases.

While I would like to see other choices to vinyl, the reality is that vinyl is king when it comes to dollar for dollar performance and even when you are looking at premium vinyl brands. They are still a fraction of the expense of their Fiberglass and Wood cousins. Quite a tangible portion of the replacement customers in the marketplace are replacing wood windows because of rot. You are hard pressed to sell them an entry level wood window.

I quite like the Marvin window but it has its shortcomings as well.

There is no magic bullet and your comments about intent are right on.

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