What is the price of a 6x6 Picture Window Pane + Installation?

pk16April 28, 2012

I am renting and I broke a 6x6 picture window frame in my apartment. It was an accident I tripped things went flying hit the window and cracked a hole in the center.

It is a double pane (no opening) picture window frame -- 6 x6. And only the single inside pane is broken.

How much would it cost to replace and fix the window?

Please help. Also would my renters insurance cover this?

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No idea on renters insurance covering but here on Long Island NY it would be approximately $750-800.

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Nobody can tell you that accurately with such sketchy details.

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Very true and I was just trying to give you a ballpark area.

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"I live in: United States"

It is a rather large country.

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