Lepage windows

vcapa50April 28, 2011

We are building a new home on the water in southern CT. has anyone ever heard of Lepage windows out of canda? Would they be good for a home along the water? We are also looking at anderson woodright 400 series.

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I have sold Lepage in the past and feel you would have no issue using them on the water. I am assuming your speaking of the wood window. The Extruded Aluminum Clad I have seen used on the water with no issues(Lepage or other quality extruded aluminum windows)although others on here will tell you that using the extruded aluminum windows on the water is a no no.

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You cannot compare the two windows. The Lepage is far superior in every sense. It also just looks better and is built for harsh Canadian climates. I have seen many high end homes with Lepage windows in Connecticut. All you need is to compare the two windows side by side to see the difference.

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This company is really Bonneville. Just bought all windows for my cottage on the lake. Their sliding doors are exceptionally inferior and they do not stand behind their products. Buyer beware.

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Nothing to do with Bonneville (who is out of business for some years now) Guy Bonneville's family owned Bonneville he left the family business and formed LePage which is a far superior window to Bonneville ever was. Very good product.

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